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Mysterious Box comes back! Epomaker has packed the hot-selling items in a mysterious box for you - at a super discounted price! 
*Note: All products are randomly selected for the mystery box. One order with multiple boxes may receive duplicate products. Sample items are not eligible for warranty and 15-day return policy.

  • $59.99 Mystery Box A - Crazy Keyboard Guess:

Get a keyboard at the best price! The box will include one of the products:

Epomaker EK68, SKYLOONG GK68X/GK68XS, Epomaker EP75EPOMAKER EP84, EP87, Mechlands MC66, Epomaker TH66 Regular VersionTH21, TH80 SE, TH80-XTH80 PRO V2, TH96 PRO, TH98, CIDOO ABM084, ANNE PRO 2, TH66 PRO, AKKO Keyboard, AK61, AK61S, AK84S, CIDOO ABM618, CIDOO ABM641, FEKER IK65, FEKER IK85 Plus, FEKER JJK21, FEKER PAD 21, FEKER K75, FEKER IK85 Plus, EPOMAKER CAT64 MIA, FirstBlood B6, GK61S/GK61X, GK64X, GK68, GK96LS, GK980XS Lite PC/GK980XS Lite, Epomaker Lite, Leobog K81, AJAZZ i610T, AJAZZ K620T, AJAZZ K680T, AJAZZ STK61, MACHENIKE K600S, RX Storm RX870, RX-Storm S75, SK61, RECCAZR KW75S, XANADU X100 MAX GY KTTHoney, and a Hidden Keyboard Box!

  • $99.99 Mystery Box B - Premium Mystery Box:

Get a premium products at the best price! The box will include one of the products:

High65, MXRSKEY CK650, MXRSKEY CK820 PRO, MXRSKEY Wingman, NIZ 21, NIZ 68, NIZ N87, NT68.

  • $50 Mystery Box C - Crazy Barebones Guess:

Up to 44% off! Get a keyboard at the best price! The box will include one of the products:

Epomaker Mini Cat 64/69 kit, Epomaker Mini Panda 64 kit, CIDOO ABM648, EPOMAKER x LEOBOG Hi75, Epomaker TH66 Pro Kit, TH80-X kitEpomaker TH80 pro kit, TH80 kit, GK84 LITE, GK96X/GK96XS, Leobog K81 PRO, Epomaker Alice Kit, GK64XS kit, GK64X kitGK61S/GK61X kit, MXRSKEY CK210, Qeekestudio KR081, RECCAZR KW75 Kit, Hidden Barebones Kit.

  • $19.99 Mystery Box D- Keycaps / Cables/ Accessories:

Up to 84% off! The box will include one of the products: 

Epomaker EP-01 Cable, Epomaker Puff CableEPOMAKER Space Travel KeycapsKiiBOOM Topaz SwitchesALOHAKB KeycapsEPOMAKER Comte Semi-silent Switch Set (30 pcs), GK68 Bag, KiiBoom Lube, GK68 Case, Machenike G5 Pro,  SKYLOONG KEYCAP Jelly Darkfairy, 80Retros GAME Keycap, and more Hidden keycaps! The products are valued from $29.99 to $119.99 at retail price, and now you can get the box at only $19.99!

ALL Mystery box orders will be shipped by the end of the sales event. The items are randomly selected in each mystery box option. If an order contains multiple same mystery boxes (i.e. 2 or 3 Box C), duplicate products might be sent in the same order.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Actually worth the price and then some

I bought a couple of mystery boxes and a keyboard during a recent sale and both of the mystery boxes contained nice items worth more than the price of the box. In fact the premium box contained an awesome HIGH65 V2 worth more than my entire order and more than double what the mystery box cost. The other box wasn't sealed, so was probably a second, but contained a nice, perfect condition aluminum barebones body and a case that I'm using for the HIGH65 now.

Continually impressed with you guys. Keep it up!

Very Fun!

Good fun, with the luck aspect! Got Sonic keycaps which look awesome