About Epomaker

Epomaker is short for Epoch of Makers. We are committed to providing feature-packed keyboards with affordable pricing that ships worldwide. Our goals for our keyboards are three things: customizability, affordability, and high standards.

Composed of gamers, software engineers, product designers, and mechanical keyboard enthusiasts, we were inspired to create our own line of keyboards to share with the world. We wanted to make mechanical keyboards accessible to everyone. Our company is heavily dedicated towards our community - without their feedback and suggestions, this keyboard would have not been a reality. Thank you!

With the help of our amazing community EPOMAKER has help to connect our customers with some of the best engineers in the world to create products accesible in price but amazing in quality, craftsmanship and features. Our previous campaigns have all been successful not only in funding, but also in the logistics and delivery of the products to our amazing backers.

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