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2022 April Epomaker Keyboard Reviews: EPOMAKER NT68, TH80, TH66, EP84, GK68XS

by Freya Tong on May 30, 2022

(Image credit: Michael Berk)
'This full-featured, solidly built aluminum-framed 65% keyboard, available in high- and low-profile versions, is unusual in that it’s meant to be portable. While we were dubious at first, we found that it actually works quite well and makes a pretty nice travel companion if you really demand a mechanical keyboard feel wherever you are. The NT68 is a serious productivity device you can take with you anywhere.'
by Michael Berk
on April. 26th, 2022


(Image credit: EMANUELE APUZZO)
'Intorno alla PCB potrai trovare anche un bellissimo esercizio di stile di insonorizzazione ulteriore, il “gasket mount” cioè un tamponamento sonoro lungo i bordi, che aumenta anche la capacità di smorzare le vibrazioni che ricadono sulla struttura laterale. Consiglio vivamente ad Epomaker di pubblicizzare queste cose sul sito, come per il foam, perché è assolutamente raro trovare delle tastiere meccaniche budget con tutti questi piccoli, ma importanti dettagli in commercio.'
Translation for reference:
'Around the PCB you will also find a beautiful exercise in additional soundproofing style, the “gasket mount” that is a sound buffer along the edges, which also increases the ability to dampen the vibrations that fall on the lateral structure. I highly recommend Epomaker to advertise these things on the site, as for the foam, because it is absolutely rare to find budget mechanical keyboards with all these small, but important details on the market.'
on April. 5th, 2022


(Image credit: EMANUELE APUZZO)
'Passando alla PCB, ho notato subito che gli switch sono in posizione sud, il che è meraviglioso per gli effetti rgb e la combinazione con i tasti compatibili Cherry. La posizione sud è infatti preferibile alla nord, in quanto non va in conflitto con i led, e permette un’illuminazione non occlusa. Inoltre a differenza di altri modelli precedenti, la Epomaker TH66 ha la prima fila numerica orientata a nord.'
Translation for reference:
'Moving on to the PCB, I quickly noticed that the switches are in the south position, which is wonderful for rgb effects and the combination with Cherry compatible keys. The southern position is in fact preferable to the north, as it does not conflict with the LEDs, and allows unobstructed lighting. Also unlike other previous models, the Epomaker TH66 has the first numerical row facing north.'
on April. 8th, 2022


(Image credit: u/OpisyALe)
'The GK68XS has one unique trick that we really like. It comes with an adapter that lets you convert the standard single spacebar into a three-key layout, as you see in the image below. It’s a nice touch and lets you experiment with a split spacebar setup without having to go down the route of a custom (or Japanese) keyboard.'
by Azzief Khaliq
on April. 21st, 2022


(Image credit: u/iZybeR)
'We really like the durable, hard-wearing nature of PBT keycaps, so they’ll always be a plus point for us. Keycap appreciation aside, the EP84 also manages to keep body flex at a minimum, despite its plastic frame. We would’ve loved aluminum, but we’re not going to harp too much on it when the keyboard costs less than $90.
The Epomaker EP84 is fully programmable via the software, another point in its favor. Whether you want to remap your keys, set up macros, or tweak any of the 19 included lighting modes, the EP84’s software will do the job.'
by Azzief Khaliq
on April. 21st, 2022

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