Gateron Optical Switch Set
Gateron Optical Switch Set
Gateron Optical Switch Set
Gateron Optical Switch Set
Gateron Optical Switch Set
Gateron Optical Switch Set
Gateron Optical Switch Set
Gateron Optical Switch Set
Gateron Optical Switch Set
Gateron Optical Switch Set
Gateron Optical Switch Set
Gateron Optical Switch Set
Gateron Optical Switch Set
Gateron Optical Switch Set
Gateron Optical Switch Set
Gateron Optical Switch Set
Gateron Optical Switch Set

Gateron Optical Switch Set

Original 15 Pieces Gateron Optical Switch Replacement Set for Mechanical Keyboard SK61/SK64/SK71/SK68

    Six colors of Gateron Optical Switches with different features
    Quicker response and a longer lifespan
    Suitable for customised keyboards
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Why Gateron Switches?

It feature exceptional smoothness. But that doesn't mean Gateron switches are only for typing. It comes in a variety of six colors, each with different attributes. Gamers are just as in love with these Gateron mechanical switches which are responsive, smooth and budget friendly. It covers all your needs and feel free to choose it.

Gateron Mechanical Switches Or Gateron Optical Switches

Gateron Optical switches feel a little like linear mechanical switches (no tactile bump) but a bit smoother. This is because there isn't a leaf so there isn't any friction. Instead, optical switches use a light beam to sense when the switch passes through it (actuates) which means quicker response rates than mechanical switches. Optical switches also usually last twice as much as mechanical switches with a lifespan of up to 100 million keystrokes.

Make the Switch

Manufactured with clear casings, Gateron Switches have quickly become one of the most sought after names in the keyboard community. Gateron Switches use copper contact leafs and soft plastic stems, making for an unparalleled, smooth typing experience. Gateron Blacks come with a 50g linear (no tactile) feedback. For those looking for a bit more tactile feedback, there are the clicky 55g Blues with a notably high actuation point and the 45g tactile Browns.

Build Quality

Gateron switches are popular around the world for their durability and distinct tactile and sonic characteristics. We offer the Gateron Optical switches, which have a much smoother press than traditional Gateron switches, and have a longer lifespan of 100 million keystrokes.

Custom Your Keyboard

Whether you prefer something heavy and tactile, or lightweight and linear, you can simply switch out the original switches with this replacement set. We offer Gateron optical blue/brown/black/red/silver/yellow switches. Choose either one you prefer and remake your keyboard.



-The Gateron Optical Blue switch gives a tactile sensation and sound, with a noticeable bump with each press to ensure every keystroke is on point. 


-The Gateron Optical Red switch is a linear switch that presses smoothly down without any bump or click in between presses. This also means a much quieter typing sound that is perfect for the office workspace. 


-The Gateron Optical Brown switch is a tactile switch like the Gateron Blue switch, but with a much quieter sound for sound-sensitive environments. Many see the Brown switch as an in-between of the Blue and Red switches. 


-The Gateron Optical Black switch is a linear switch like that of the Gateron Red switch, but has a heavier feel. This means you will feel a little more resistance as you press down than the Gateron Red switch, and is a perfect match for heavy typers who want confidence with every stroke. 


-The Gateron Optical Yellow switch. Similar to the Red linear Gateron switch, the Yellow requires slightly lighter pressure than the reds at 35g. Also a fast response and quiet switch without a tactile bump suitable for gaming.

Technical Specifications

Switch type
Blue, Red, Brown, Black, Silver, Yellow switch available
Gateron Optical switch will suit for SKYLOONG SK61/ SK64/ SK68/ SK71 series keyboard
Inside the box
  • 15 Pieces Gateron Optical Switches

Customer Reviews

Based on 8 reviews
Owen Charbonneau
Would buy again

Cheap, Good and great would recommend just beware of long shipping

Kaden Sanders
I still want them tho

I never got them


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Radu Vasilascu
Addictively clicky!

Bought a set of 15 primarily to only use one for the LCtrl button, as I very often pressed it with my palm while typing. Decided to replace it to increase the trigger threshold, ended up replacing a few more buttons I press more often :) Am also using one switch as a fidget toy.

Kenichi Kitasato

February 26
Dear Sirs:
Change to "Gateron Optical Silver Switch".

Taiki Todo

Gateron Optical Switch Set