Epomaker Keyboard Reviews - July 2022: TH80, Epomaker Budgerigar Switch

Epomaker Keyboard Reviews - July 2022: TH80, Epomaker Budgerigar Switch

by Freya Tong on Sep 07, 2022

Epomaker TH80

'.. a livello costruttivo TH80 presenta una piastra superiore in metallo d’acciaio adagiata sopra il PCB a 5 pin con layout del 75% e 80 interruttori sostituibili a caldo con led RGB posizionati a sud. Nel nostro caso, la tastiera presenta switch Gialli Gateron Pro a 3 pin, ma è anche possibile utilizzare interruttori a 3 pin e 5 pin di altri produttori come Cherry MX, Kailh e persino gli interruttori AKKO CS di Epomaker sono compatibili con la scheda TH80.'
Translation for reference: 
'.. at the construction level, TH80 has a top plate in steel metal lying above the 5-pin PCB with a 75% layout and 80 hot-swappable switches with RGB LEDs positioned to the south. In our case, the keyboard features 3-pin Gateron Pro Yellow switches, but you can also use 3-pin and 5-pin switches from other manufacturers such as Cherry MX, Kailh, and even Epomaker's AKKO CS switches are compatible with the TH80 board.'
by Emiliano Contarino
on July. 10th, 2022

Translation for reference: 
'The click feeling may be a little heavy at the first peak.
The tactile shaft I usually use has a pressing pressure of 35g, so it may feel heavy.
This is an individual difference, so you won't know until you try it.
Next, about the reaction, this reacts near the bottom part. It's not the moment you pass the click, it's when you're nearing the bottom.
It is not suitable for games like FPS because the reaction is not fast.'
by R
on July. 19th, 2022

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  • Tamim
    May 13, 2024 at 16:17

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