Feker Alice 98

1800-Alice Hot-Swappable Wired/Wireless Mechanical Keyboard

  • Alice Split layout with A Numpad, Hot-Swappable Keyboard for Win/Mac
  • Gasket Mount & Sound Absorption Foams
  • Three Connections: Type-C Wired, Bluetooth 5.0 & 2.4GHz Available
  • A knob for media-control
  • SMD LED RGB Backlight & Kailh Winter Switch
  • Dye-sub PBT Keycaps & Detachable Type-C Cable
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The Ergo Alice layout With A Numpad

As the traditional Alice-layout keyboard is so popular amongst enthusiasts, many people still miss the numpad. Here we are! With this Alice98 layout, Feker adds a numpad to the alice-split keyboard. The letters and the bottom row are angled at a certain degree to fit the direction of your hands when staying on the desk naturally. The spacebar is split into two pieces to be accommodate this design. It is considered to reach a balance at the aspect of ergonomics. Apart from the typical Alice features, the Feker’s Alice goes further with a media control knob. Like other Alice keyboards, you can still lay your hands on the keyboard freely and increase comfortable typing experiences simultaneously.

Triple Modes: Type-C Wired, Bluetooth 5.0 & 2.4GHz Available

The Feker Alice98 supports connection via Bluetooth or 2.4GHz for wireless connectivity, or with the included Type-C USB cable. With Bluetooth 5.0, it easily connects seamlessly with your devices within 10 meters. Equipped with an 8000 mAh battery, the keyboard is also easily switched among the three modes for efficient multitasking and speedy performance.

Gasket Mount, PC Plate & Sound Absorption Foams

To reach a top typing experience, Feker Alice98 is assembled by gasket mount, which is constructed with the PC plate laying on the top and the bottom case perfectly without any screws in the middle, presenting a soft and even typing feeling at each corner of the keyboard. Feker has also made an effort to enhance the sound by placing a set of sound dampening Poron foams: a bottom case Poron foam, a socket Poron foam, a Poron switch sheet, and a Poron PCB foam. These layers can greatly buff keystrokes. All is to provide a stunning typing sound and a premium typing feeling.

LED Screen or Keys Beside the Rotary Knob?

Feker Alice98 comes in two versions: one with LED screen beside the knob and the other with two keys. The Pgup and Pgdn beside the knob the LED screen, the keyboard presents so much fun in customizing and changing your own memes! You can also check the keyboard status on the screen, such as under wired mode, Bluetooth mode, or 2.4G wireless mode. You can even check the date and time with a glimpse.

South-facing LED RGB Backlight & Kailh Winter Switch

Feker Alice features south-facing LED RGB backlights with 21 light effects. This is also perfect with the Kailh Winter Switch which are shine-through with the amazing RGB lights. What’s more, the switches are pre-lubed to increase the smooth sense. With the triggering force of 38gf to be pressed, the tactile switches are perfect on the keyboard to be easily pressed and shine-through.

NKRO & Detachable Type-C Cable

For this model, we go with lubed plate-mounted stabilizers for they are easier to be taken off, if some extra modding are needed. In the meanwhile, the keyboard also supports NKRO. That means you can type in multiple keys without conflicts. The keyboard comes with a 1.8m hand-braided type-C cable with golden plated connectors. Now you can easily build up your own mechanical keyboard with this keyboard!

Specifications for Custom Switch
Kailh Winter Switch
  • Initial Force: 40g
  • Trigger Force: 38
  • Actuation Force:52gf
  • Total Travel: 3.6mm
  • Pre-Travel: 2.0mm
  • Spring Length: 20mm
  • Technical Specifications

    Feker Alice98
    Split Alice
    Normal version
    98 Keys + 1 Knob
    LED-screen version
    96 Keys + 1 Knob
    Keycap material
    Dye Sublimation PBT
    Keycap Profile
    Gasket Mount
    Gasket Material
    Case Material
    ABS Plastic
    Plate Material
    Type-C Wired, Bluetooth 5.0 & 2.4GHz
    Battery Capacity
    Anti-Ghost Key
    NKRO in all modes
    SMD RGB backlit, 21 effects
    Switch Included
    Kailh Winter Switch
    Cable Length
    Inside the box
    • 1 * Keyboard
    • 1 * USB Cable
    • 1 * 2.4G Receiver
    • 1 * Instructional Manual

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 9 reviews
    Oleksandr Skel
    Package was lost in transit

    Seller is good and send keyboad quikly, unfortenatly my keyboad has lost in transit, so I can get feedback about it..
    Seller now make a second attempt to send keyboard to me. When I got it I give my feedback.

    Dear Customer,

    Thank you very much for your understanding and patience.

    We are very sorry that your keyboard was lost in the mail. We have taken extra precautions to ensure that the second shipment is more secure and reliable. Once you receive the keyboard and are able to use it, we would love your valuable feedback.

    If you have any additional questions or need further assistance, please feel free to let us know.

    Thank you again for your understanding and support.

    Best Regards,

    Epomaker Team

    Hendrik V
    Hardware okay, Firmware broken

    The keyboard hardware is fine, although the Color wasn’t even close to what was advertised. The firmware is very buggy though. I regularly have to unplug and plug in again to reset the keyboard because it stopped working.

    I want to give it more starts, but there are just so many issues.

    First off, right out of the box the LCD was showing static and I was getting the random strings of gibberish, plus the ENTER and PLUS keys on my numpad were loose in the box instead of seated on the switches.

    Since this was a brand new board, not an open box sale, and the box wasn't damaged from being dropped; I contacted both MECH KEYS (who I bought it from) and Epomaker for support. MECH KEYS responded less than a day later saying "we have contacted the maker of this board and they say you should open the case and check if the ribbon cable is seated" which makes me think I was far from the first customer with this issue. Epomaker responded about a day later with a letter saying "we can not find your order in our system, did you buy from another seller ... do not worry, we will help you with this issue" so I responded that I had purchased from MECH KEYS and attached a picture of my receipt.

    I'm not stupid enough to just pop open the case and risk voiding whatever limited warranty this keyboard may have, so I waited for a response from Epomaker, but all I got was crickets for 3 days. With it being pretty apparent that support for products not sold directly by Epomaker are not a priority, I pulled out my iFixIt kit and popped the case apart using plastic pics. They really did not design this thing to be worked on AT ALL ... but with much pertinence and care not to rip cables, I got all 6 of the board ribbons reseated, plus unseated the LCD screen ribbon half way before it stopped moving, then reseated it using a pair of tweezers.

    Somehow that fixed the problem and my screen lit up: So YAY, I didn't spend $200 on E-Waste.

    Now lets get to the software: the "firmware" file gets flagged by Anti-Virus programs as malware and windows defender quarantines the EXE for the RGB recording program. Then for as long as the program is running in the taskbar, windows spams alert windows about how it has killed the program from running ... thankfully you can just ignore that and the rest of the program will run, as fine as it can. I say "fine as it can" because while it seems feature complete, there is no documentation or comprehensive explanations on how to use it and you have to guess at what function does what. Lighting functions are straightforward enough, but the macro and button remapping functions are worthless outside of setting up spambot routines (why else would I want to program mouse functions to my keyboard).

    I probably wouldn't have taken off a star about that, except that the options for the LCD screen are trash, as the only settings you can change is the image that pops up when the keyboard turns on. Which is cool and all, but where are the functions to program the UI functions of the screen after that boot up? I know they exist because originally the clock was in 12hr format and an hour ahead from system time, but then after running the "firmware" it switched to 24hr format with the correct time. So the function to set the time and adjust the display have to be SOMEWHERE. Outside of that, it will tell you what mode you have the switch in on the back of the keyboard. Which is pretty useless since it is a physical switch, instead of a software toggle, and I already know what mode I set it too. Next to that there is an Icon for caps lock, and then after that there is space next to that icon were it seems like another icon should show up ... but there is no scroll lock key on this board (with no option in the button mapping to change a key to it) & the LCD screen doesn't show you any functions for Num-Lock. Which is kinda important since most of the keys missing from the full 107 layout are alt functions of the Numpad. The entire excuse for having a 1st party program for managing the keyboard instead of using QMK-VIA, is to program that LCD screen, but you can't ... so why even bother to make this thing instead of using QMK-VIA?

    All in all, I like the physical layout and construction of the board, I tried two sets of keycaps but ended up going back to the stock ones because they are so much better, it has good connectivity options and I respect the "Alice + numpad + Kitchen sink worth of features" ambition, but the software support is garbage and I really regret opting for the LCD instead of the page up / down keys.

    If Epomaker fixes their software to make this LCD screen functional, I will forget about the QC issue of my board not working out of the box.

    unusable at the moment

    The Good: This keyboard is the most comfortable to type on and its greatly improved my accuracy.


    The Bad: I have no clue what's going on sometimes with the software, I press the "factory reset" in the manual: Fn + esc for 3 seconds and I still have all the same issues.
    Which are:
    - When you press caps lock and then start typing or backspacing It will set you to the end of line in whatever body of text you're working in.
    - Backspace types this: 896421-34687` when you press caps lock and it's still flashing which is super confusing like is this a feature of the keyboard?
    - The windows and alt key are switched after a little bit of use and I have no clue why or why the "factory reset" doesn't fix it.
    - For the first week I could use the "Fn + del" to adjust the lighting modes and then the colors and brightness with the "Fn + arrow keys" but now when I turn the lights on all of the keys flicker violently like a scene from a movie if somebody hacked you.

    I usually wouldn't have a problem working around all of these issues but when you've got hours and hours of classes it really wastes a lot of time and I'm sure the community backing this keyboard the hardest is going to be in heavily typing based industries where these issues would cause them more trouble than myself.

    I really hope all these issues are just on my unit and I'll be waiting for more upcoming support but for now I think I'll be shelfing this one for something with a little more class compliance.

    Dear customer,

    We are so sorry for the issue you met.

    To better solve this case, we will contact you through email.

    Please don't worry, we will take responsibility and give you a better solution.

    We feel so sorry again if it causes any inconvenience brought to you.

    Kind regards,

    Epomaker Team

    Mike Hale
    Best alice layout you can buy

    I love the layout on this keyboard. I switched from the Keychron Q10 - the key layout on this board is SO MUCH BETTER. Typing accuracy skyrocketed immediately.
    I don’t love the Winter switches and swapped them for Gateron Pro Browns along with a more aesthetically pleasing key cap set. The stock colors on this look like an old IBM keyboard.
    The driver for this keyboard is completely useless and borderline malware. It keeps trying to start a voice recorder app. They need to add VIA support.

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