96% Gasket Mounted Mechanical Keyboard

The TH96 is a solid gasket-mounted mechanical keyboard born with the singular goal of providing a premium typing experience at a budget-friendly price!

  • Bluetooth 5.0, wireless 2.4G connection, Type-C connection
  • CNC Knob
  • Silicone Gasket Mounted Design
  • Hot-Swappable Switches
  • South-Facing RGB LEDs
Gray/White ANSI Version
Theory ANSI Version
Gray/White ISO Version
Theory ISO Version
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96% Mechanical Gaming Keyboard

The Epomaker TH96 is a powerful keyboard packed with functionality in a premium design. Thanks to the special structural design, the TH96 feels completely solid due to the stainless steel plate, which adds weight and strength to the board. It is innovatively designed featuring the silicone gasket mount structure, added silicone sound-absorbing foam, poron foam utilization, and a thick silicone damping bottom pad which all provide a responsive and peaceful typing sound.

Hotswappable Epomaker Custom Switches

When it comes to the feeling and performance of your switches, every detail counts. We are proud to present our latest innovations, the Epomaker Customized Switches! These mechanical switches are custom designed after extensive research on the market's most acclaimed switches and have been improved through community inputs. Strong, smooth, and see-through, Epomaker's first mechanical switches are available in linear switches or tactile switches.

Wired with VIA or Triple-mode with Bluetooth & 2.4Ghz

Equipped with different chips, this keyboard supports VIA under the wired version. With the VIA or the proprietary software, you can easily configure different keycaps for both Mac and Windows. Customize your keyboard with your personal typing preference! The wireless version, on the other hand, can be connected by either Bluetooth (up to 5.0) or 2.4GHz. TH96 can connect up to 3 devices wirelessly for seamless multitasking across your laptop, phone, and tablet. The modes can be easily switched by Fn+1!/2@/3#(Bluetooth) / 4$(2.4GHz) / 5%(USB Wired).

PBT Keycaps with MDA Profile & Dye-sub Technique

Continuing with our previous Epomaker TH66 and Epomaker TH80 models, which are already available on the market, the Epomaker TH96 also adopts PBT keycaps to provide a textured feeling and durability. Our premium PBT keycaps are made through thermal sublimation, meaning the labels will not fade over time. The classic MDA profile is for the Theory version and the MDA V2 profile for the Grey White Version. Compared with the classic profile, the MDA V2 inherits the height while optimizing the keycap edge to be rounder, delivering a smoother touching feel.

ISO Version Available

The whole community is calling for keyboards that has ISO layouts. And so, we are adding an ISO-UK layout to the TH96! With an L shape large enter key and 1u \| key between the shift key and letter Z, the ISO version can also fit other languages with the simalar layout.

Amazing RGB Effects with South-Facing PCB & Programmable with Software

Everyone loves RGB lights, but what’s the use when the typist can’t easily see them? The TH96 is designed with south-facing RGB to better illuminate the keyboard backlight from the typist’s perspective. The south-facing RGB is also free from interference if the user decides to install Cherry-profile alternative keycaps on their keyboard. With more than 19 types of RGB backlight settings as well as a static white backlight option. You can further fine-tune the RGB hue, saturation, brightness, and effect speed with ease.

Download the Software for Windows, Software for Mac

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Technical Specifications

96% 95keys+knob
3-5 pin mechanical switches
USB-C, Bluetooth 5.0, 2.4 GHz
Battery Capacity
South-facing RGB LEDs
CABLE Length
PBT in MDA-V2/MDA Profile
Product dimension
Product weight
Inside the box
  • Keyboard
  • Type-C Cable
  • Instruction Manual
  • 2.4G Dongle (Wireless version)

Customer Reviews

Based on 78 reviews
No complaints

I had the Epomaker TH96 for well over 2 months now and I'm happy to say that this is the best mechanical keyboard I had ever had! (so far I owned only mainstream brands such as HyperX, Logitech and so on.)

The linear Gateron Milky Yellow switches are a dream to type on compared to some other "gaming keyboards" which mostly only use CherryMX switches.

Although the factory stabilisers would need some more lubricant, the job is easy enough to do it yourself. While you're at it, I also suggest doing a tape mod if you're into the THOCK-iness of your keyboards.

Overall I am extremely satisfied with the keyboard and would recommend it to anyone who is looking for an affordable pre-built keyboard and/or who is just entering the keyboard hobby as also am I.

P. S. : The shipping time was a bit long (about a month) , as the keyboard arrived straight from the factory in China, but I am glad I waited for it!

Good design, great compatibility, bad quality

I've been using the TH96 keyboard for eighteen months now, and feel I've accumulated enough experience to offer a thoughtful review. Initially, I was enthusiastic about backing this model on Kickstarter in 2022. However, within just a few weeks, I encountered issues with some switches failing. By the half-year mark, I found myself having to replace six switches, thankfully my colleague had spares I could use. More recently, I had to purchase new switches to replace the original Epomaker Flamingo ones after the backspace key's plastic stabilizer disintegrated, as if it were brittle. Unlike its competitors, which don't require frequent connections, I've been using a dongle with this keyboard and still need to connect it at least daily. It's disappointing to spend so much on a keyboard that doesn't deliver quality. Despite this, I remain open to trying another Epomaker keyboard in the future.

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I love this keyboard!

I love the feel of the keys and the switches and I have not had any connectivity issues with this board (I use the Bluetooth connection). If there was one thing I would change, it would be having backlit keycaps. I cant touch type, so I have to look at the keyboard when I type, but I have a desk lamp, so I am good at night.

Jordan Quiroz
Good customer service

My PCB gave out after a year of use and Epo maker made it easy to to get a new one shipped out to me. Love the board and love the company so far

Kevin Hamon
Keyboard sucks.

The keyboard is terrible. It’s sitting in a bone yard to unused keyboards.

The seller does not help with mistakes like exchanging keyboard formats when the wrong format was mistakenly ordered.

If you buy one of these, buy it on Amazon so that you have the return policy to help when problems arise. Don’t buy direct like me as it is shipped from deep China and takes even longer than ordering something from Shenzen. I order a lot of items direct from China so I understand the shipping challenges but this was an especially bad experience. So, again, just skip all of that and order from the Amazon store. Not clear on why their page does not just redirect to Amazon store for US buyers anyway.

Dear customer,

Thank you for sharing your experience, and we're sorry for the issues you encountered. We sincerely understand your dissatisfaction with the keyboard and the confusion caused by ordering in the wrong format. We're deeply sorry for all this and appreciate your feedback, which is a valuable learning opportunity for us.

Regarding the shipping delays, we are deeply sorry for the inconvenience this has caused you. We will work closely with our logistics partners to improve transportation efficiency to ensure the timely arrival of future orders.

If you have additional questions or require further assistance, please feel free to contact our customer service team. We are here to support you to ensure your shopping experience becomes more enjoyable.

Thank you again for your feedback, and we look forward to the opportunity to earn back your trust.

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