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      Cherry MX Switch Set


      Original 15 Pieces Cherry MX Switch Set for Keyboard DIY

        Four options of Cherry MX Switches with different features
        Silent switches available
        fine-tuned tactile, audible feedback and a linear feeling

      The World Leader in Keyswitch Technology

      What really matters is often unseen. Mechanical keyboards must maximize reliability and performance based on technology hidden under the key caps. CHERRY MX is the world leader in keyswitch technology and CHERRY MX switches are the absolute industry benchmarks, developed and manufactured in Germany.

      EPOMAKER Switch Set

      Mechanical keyboards have so much potential and fun. EPOMAKER well know the market so we have this unique Cherry MX switch set for those who love DIY his keyboard. Or you can replace the broken one with this set. It’s a good replacement for any needs

      Enable Your Potential

      With decades of experience CHERRY MX is the most trusted name in gaming regarding keyswitches. MX switches provide levels of performance, durability and comfort, delivering the ultimate gaming experience..

      Cutting-edge Tech For Esport Professional

      Well-honed skills and reliable equipment are important factors for esport professionals. CHERRY MX products define the highest requirements for precision, construction and manufacturing, making them the best keyswitches in the world.

      Unique Precision

      Well-engineered mechanical keyboards offer unrivaled precision as well as fine-tuned tactile, audible feedback or linear feel. CHERRY MX keyswitches fortify this experience by adding 100% reliability for fast typing and competitive situations.


      Why We Make This Set?

      -As the professional maker of mechanical keyboard, EPOMAKER is always bound with the community so we know your needs and heard your voices and suggestions. The switch set is made for you who loves DIY or need to replace the broken switch. Feel free to get it and start your journey of remaking your keyboard. EPOMAKER will be one of your best choices.


      Already have a favorite Cherry MX mechanical switch? We have you covered. The EPOMAKER switch set is available with classic Cherry MX Blue, Brown, Red, or Black switches.

      -The MX Blue switch provides the most tactile sensation and sound, with the distinct “click” noise characteristic of mechanical keyboards.


      -The MX Brown switch offers a similar tactile sensation as the Blue, but is a little bit quieter for office use.


      -The MX Red switch is linear in feel, and do not have a tactile bump like the Blue or Brown switches. This means you can feel the switch go all the way down and up, in a very smooth fashion. The Red switch is also much quieter than the Blue or Brown switches, which makes it ideal for work settings.


      -The MX Black switch is a linear switch, similar to the MX Red switch, but with a heavier operating force. The Black switch is perfect for those wanting a quiet typing session, but with a heavier feel than the traditional MX red switch.