EPOMAKER Jade Blossom Switch Set

Original 30 Pieces of EPOMAKER Jade Blossom Mechanical Keyboard Switches Set

  • EPOMAKER Custom Linear Switch with LY Stem
  • Full POM Housings & Extra-long Double Spring
  • 5-Pin Switches, Convenient for PCB Mount
  • Compatible with MX Structure Keycaps
  • Built-in LED Slot & Durable Lifespan
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EPOMAKER Custom Linear Switch with LY Stem

EPOMAKER Jade Blossom Mechanical switches feature LY stems for a durable purpose. LY material is highly advanced and offers unique advantages in the world of mechanical switches. This hybrid material's extremely low friction coefficient (0.02) makes it significantly smoother than more conventional materials. Furthermore, the unique acoustics of LY material, combined with an extended spring and long pole stem, create a distinctive sound and a highly responsive, elastic feeling with each press.

Full POM Housings & Extra-long Double Spring

POM is a high-strength plastic material known for its smoothness and durability. In the Jade Blossom switches, POM housings can provide a smoother keystroke due to the material's low-friction characteristics. The switch contains an extra-long double spring that can offer a distinctive force curve. Combining full POM housings and extra-long double springs in a switch design could offer a unique and satisfying typing experience, balancing smooth operation, distinctive sound, and responsive tactile feedback.

5-Pin Switches, Convenient for PCB Mount

The Epomaker Jade Blossom mechanical switches are designed 5-pin. They are compatible with the keyboards that supports 5-pin hot-swap, offering satisfying typing experience for hours on end. With 5 pins, it is helpful for installing on PCB mounted keyboards directly and keeping stable without issues.

Compatible with MX Structure Keycaps

Epomaker Jade Blossom mechanical switches are designed with general MX structure so that they can fit most keycaps sets with (X) cross stem. This greatly improves the compatibility and you can feel free to change the switch and remake your own keyboard.

Built-in LED Slot & Durable Lifespan

Epomaker Jade Blossom mechanical switches are equipped with LED slots for more possibilities. With the LED slots, the backlights feature shining through. This provides more fun feature and options for those who are DIYers. With a lifespan of approximate 100 million times of keystrokes based on laboratory durability test, you may rest assured with the long lifespan.

Technical Specifications

POM housings
5 Pins
Initial force
35 / 45 gf
Actuation force
43 / 53 gf
Pre Travel
Total Travel
100,000,000 keystrokes
Dual spring
Inside the box
  • 30 Pieces of Epomaker Jade Blossom Switches

Customer Reviews

Based on 8 reviews
Jessica Ogline
Amazing Thocky Sound <3

I have been obsessed over thocky sounding keyboards/switches and I found it with these!! I’ll definitely be on the lookout for other thocky sounding ones, but this definitely set the bar high!


Extremely quiet and gentle switches. Like typing on a cloud.

Switch lover
Nice switch but there are areas of improvement

When inserted into the socket, it is not firm enough.
When you pull out the keycap, the stem may stick with the keycap and pull out at together.

For the sound, it is not very clacky nor very thocky.

Shea Williams C/O Dunning
Epomaker Jade Blossom

I really love these switches and there honestly my favourite switches i’ve ever used. They sound, feel and preform very well. These are great switches!

Gustavo Gonçalves

It’s been an amazing experience!
The Jade Blossom are extremely silent and the tactile sensation is great! Love it!

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