Epomaker TH80-X: Redefining the Keyboard Experience with Unprecedented Features

Epomaker TH80-X: Redefining the Keyboard Experience with Unprecedented Features

by Phoebe Wang on Oct 23, 2023

Epomaker Unveils theTH80-X - With A Fully Updated outlook and Highly Playable Rotary Knob


Epomaker are thrilled to announce their latest addition to the TH80 family - the TH80-X


Prepare to embark on a journey of innovation and possibilities as Epomaker proudly presents the TH80-X. This groundbreaking keyboard redefines the art of typing, merging cutting-edge technology with intuitive design.


Compact 75% Desk-saving Layout

Epomkaer is committed to creating world-class yet affordable keyboards for keyboard enthusiasts. The Epomaker TH80-X embodies the perfect amalgamation of functionality and portability, boasting a space-efficient 75% layout that conserves desk space without compromising usability. Users can now revel in an uncluttered and efficient workspace, fostering productivity and creativity.  Despite its 75% layout keyboard, rest assured that the TH80-X remains highly customizable through the Epomaker Driver, which allows users to create macro for further keyboard usage.    


Big Rotary Knob for Precise Control

In the realm of modern custom keyboards, a volume control knob has become commonplace. However, Epomaker is consistently dedicated to pushing beyond the ordinary and transcending product constraints. Epomaker has made a breakthrough with the knob on TH80-X. With just a few shortcuts, the knob can adjust not only the device volume but also the screen display, RGB backlight, connection status, and more.


Personalized LCD Screen for Exhilarating Customization

Breakthrough not only on the knob but also on the screen. For a better response to the knob control, TH80-X is equipped with a built-in LCD screen. With the addition of this dynamic display, customers are granted the freedom to craft and showcase personalized animations, logos, or cherished images from the Epomaker Driver. Making the keyboard more individuality and embracing distinctiveness.


Unique Combination for an Unprecedented Type Experience

Designed in gasket structure, Epomaker aims to combine the most satisfying typing feeling and unparalleled sound profile together. Harnessing the cutting-edge structure, TH80-X elevates typing experience to a new level. Crafted with meticulous precision, the gasket structure effectively minimizes vibration and noise, endowing users with a gratifying sound experience that exceeds expectations. The unique combination with the iron plate, the keyboard offers the combined middle-ground typing feeling of bouncy and stable.


Triple Mode Connection with 8000 mAh Large Battery

Engineered with durability in mind, Epomaker TH80-X boasts triple-mode connectivity - including wired USB, wireless Bluetooth, and 2.4GHz - providing seamless compatibility across a myriad of devices. Under Bluetooth connection, the keyboard can connect up to 3 devices at the same time. The keyboard is compatible with Windows and macOS systems which can also be effortlessly switched to via a slight rotation of the knob. Moreover, the TH80-X is placed with two 4000mAh batteries, total 8000mAh battery, for uninterrupted usage, eradicating concerns of constant recharging for extended periods of work and play.


Price and Availability  

Epomaker TH80-X has been released on Epomaker’s official website now and the price goes to $99.99, a budget keyboard with highly playable function mentioned above. It has various switch options. Different switches, same prices.


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Epomaker is short for Epoch of Makers. We are committed to providing feature-packed keyboards with affordable pricing that ships worldwide. Our goals for our keyboards are three things: customizability, affordability, and high standards. We are a team composed of gamers, software engineers, product designers, and mechanical keyboard enthusiasts. We were inspired to create our own line of keyboards to share with the world. We wanted to make mechanical keyboards accessible to everyone. Our company is heavily dedicated to our community-without their feedback and suggestions, this keyboard would not have been a reality.

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