Epomaker End-of-season Sales Event Announcement

Epomaker End-of-season Sales Event Announcement

by Freya Tong on Aug 21, 2023


Greetings Epomaker Fans and Fellow Keyboard Enthusiasts,

We're thrilled to announce our biggest sale of the season! From today until the 27th of August, we're offering incredible discounts on some of your favorite Epomaker products.

  • Best-selling products at 10% Discount: 21st - 28th Aug 2023 EST
  • Yes, you heard it right! Our top-of-the-line keyboards, keycap sets, and accessories that you've been eyeing are now available at a flat 10% discount. Don't miss this chance to get your hands on the best for less!

    *Some products and accessories are excluded from the 10% off discount. Check the rules and disclaimer for more information.

    Check It Now


  • Special discounts for Featured items
  • 50% Off


    GK61X Kit



    And more..


    40% Off



    Skyloong GK73X/GK73XS


    And more..


    30% Off

    Anne Pro 2

    AKKO 3068 9009

    AKKO 3084 9009

    Niz 2020 Version

    And more..


    20% Off

    TH80 Regular Version (Firmware Cannot be Upgraded to the V500+ version)

    TH66 Regular Version (Firmware Cannot be Upgraded to the V500+ version)

    EP84 Wired

    EP84 Triple Modes

    EPOMAKER EP87 Triple Modes

    EPOMAKER EP108 Triple Modes

    And more..


    15% Off

    CoolKiller CK75

    EPOMAKER Airy Keycaps

    Epomaker Mini Cat 68 Kit

    Rules and Disclaimer

    1. All the prizes/rewards will be shipped out after the end of the event unless there’s a specific description of certain prizes/rewards.  
    2. All sales products, including but not limited to, gift cards, vouchers, and sale products are available until they are out of stock.
    3. We reserve the right to cancel any order trying to exploit the coupon/reward system.
    4. Shipping options may be limited to standard or express, depending on your location.
    5. The gift cards received in giveaways and Discord events can not apply to switches, keycaps, and special sales products.
    6. Some products are exclusive to sales, including but not limited to Groupbuy products and crowdfunding products.   
    7. Epomaker reserves all the rights.