Epomaker GK96S Survey

This is the final shipping batch survey for backers who missed the previous three shipping batches. If you have submitted the survey but want to change anything, please email to support@epomaker.com. Please note that any change made to your survey result may delay your order's shipment. 
The final shipping batch will be processed after the previous three shipping batches are all shipped out. 
Wish you all a Happy New Year 2021!
by Vincent Conard on December 31, 2020

I sent out an email to support@epomaker.com on the 23rd about the survey I took, yet got no confirmation whether if it is being sent out and if I filled it out correctly.

by Keith on December 31, 2020

I am having trouble figuring out the difference between brown and silver keys. Does one have a harder press force than the other? Do they sound different?

by Michael on December 28, 2020

I see no survey unformation. Only comments. What is going on? Might explain why I missed out of 1st and 2nd rounds.

by Tamer AHmed on December 28, 2020

i filled the Epomaker GK96S Survey multiple times and i found that the No of my pledge is Yellow.
i sent email to you regrading this with my address in it because i can’t find the Epomaker GK96S Survey link anymore.

by Wijnand Schuurman on December 28, 2020

I was asked to respont to epomaker but don’t know where/how to respond.

If there a questions about my choice(s) please make the necessary choices on my behalve 🤗

Have a Merry Christmas,
With regards,

This is not for publishing.

by Perkins Jon Ong on December 21, 2020

Hello, Is there a way to confirm that we have successfully complied the survey for the 1st batch?

by randomsomeone on December 09, 2020

So funny to see some babies crying and complaining when their questions are actually answered almost everywhere. Please, you just need to read.

by Steve B on December 09, 2020

Looks like they’ve updated the form so you can use the Apple ID email in your Account Profile so it matches what they have on file, and then specify your personal email so they can email you information. cheers :-)

by Vitaly on December 09, 2020

Super confusing everything!
I had no idea what I pledged more than a month ago, and in confirmation email it wasn’t specified what I chose at the time. So now I kind of guessing what I chose – I hope it matches.
Also what is pledge amount – which currency? It says total – total with shipping? Confusing.

by Epomaker on December 08, 2020


We would like to address some questions in the comment. However, we strongly suggest everyone email us or find us on Discord if you have any questions.

- I can’t see the survey. What can I do?
Please kindly wait a little bit and scroll down. The survey may need some time to load, depending on your devices. Please try different browsers or different devices if there’s a need.

- What’s the process after the survey, when/how do I get charged?
We just post an update on Kickstarter and explaining the following steps. Kindly find more details here. Thank you very much for your patience.

- Where can I find what I choose in the survey, or what I pledge on KS?
For the survey submissions, you will receive a confirmation email including all data you submitted. Search “EPOMaker GK96S Survey” without " if you can’t find the email.
For KS order details, please log in to your KS account and check your Backed Projects page.

- Does Epomaker offer a cheaper price on the site for GK96S?
No, we don’t. The retail price of GK96S on the site is $10-$20 higher than the KS price, based on different options. The expense of express shipping is the same as KS. Plus, the GK96S is excluded from the free sitewide standard shipping service. Shipping priority goes to our KS backers first.

We hope that clarifies. Again, we appreciate your support, and hope you email us if you have specific questions. Your feedback and suggestions are valued and much respected. We are all ears.

Epomaker Team

by Brian on December 08, 2020

1) It says “Thanks for filling out the survey.” always, thanking you in advance, I guess. Scroll down to see it.
Also, if you’re running a script blocker, you may have to enable scripts for the page.

2) I too am annoyed that if I order directly from the website, it’ll cost LESS than the Kickstarter price. Usually, Kickstarter campaigns give a discount over the retail price, rather than costing more. It makes me not want to order from Epomaker ever again, if that’s how they treat their Kickstarter supporters.

by Daffi on December 08, 2020

If you are taking preorders on your website with free shipping, will I be refunded shipping costs I paid on KS?

by KS Lee on December 07, 2020

you can now order directly from epomaker and its free shipping. what a waste. How can I get my postage cost refunded?

by Jacob on December 07, 2020

cant see the survey
I tried different browsers

This is all I see
Thanks for filling out the survey.

by vernon on December 06, 2020

Do i include the shipping fee for the amount pledge in the survey?

by Kai on December 05, 2020

I only included the cost of the pledge not the shipping cost in my total amount pledged. Is this okay?

by cech on December 04, 2020

Go on their discord and ask Ruby. EPOmaker has been extremely helpful and you will actually get a response there. I think the comments here are less likely to get any response in comparison:

by Jimm Ceron on December 04, 2020

Process is very confusing. I don’t remember which one i chose when i backed the project. I took survey and chose what I would like but not sure if this is what i picked. Would i get charged automatically if i chose one of more value, or do you check with me first?

by Cole von Werder on December 04, 2020

I thought you could get the all white caps in abs and pbt?

by DAVID P HUFSTADER on December 04, 2020

I click the link that says “to find the survey, click here” and it brings me to this page that says thanks for filling out the survey, even though I never saw a survey….??

by PanosG is an idiot on December 03, 2020

PanosG, You can’t have your package declare at any value except the actual value, otherwise the company is committing fraud. Don’t be a baby and just pay the tariff.

by panosG on December 03, 2020

I have asked both on kickstarter and email support about the declared value of my parcel, as stated by your FAQ. I havent recieved an answer yet. I want my package to have a lowered declared value, ideally as low as possible. If you dont answer by the 6th of december I will be forced to cancel my pledge.

by Muhd Izzan Ihtisyam on December 03, 2020

Is there any chance to get a single colour keycap set (as an extra) for those who chose the mixed colour set? Thank you in advance!


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