Epomaker GK96S Survey


The GK96S Survey is taken down. If your backer ID is listed below please kindly email us to process your orders. 


1. Backer ID: 1240, 1449, 2000.


If your backer ID matches one of the number above, it means your survey information doesn't match your Kickstarter pledged information. Thus, we can't confirm what keyboard you want or if there will be difference for you.  Please double check your pledged reward on Kickstarter and redo the survey. 


For example, backer XXX buy a GK96S xPBT Version ($89USD) on Kickstarter, but choose a SK96S x ABS Version ($69 USD) in the survey. 


2. Backer ID: 152 225 238 288 309 359 398 428 516 525 545 644 713 730 828 854 856 892 900 974 985 999 1001 1022 1043 1053 1062 1073 1085 1099 1109 1149 1163 1236 1256 1300 1305 1320 1360 1419 1475 1500 1545 1551 1563 1581 1588 1592 1655 1705 1713 1751 1860 1881 1883 1929 1957 1964 1965 1976 2074 2079 2084 2092 2098 2101 2104 2134 2206 2245 2258 2268 2270 2277 2278 2286 2326 2331 2332 2356 2361 2383 2447


If your backer ID matches one of the number in the above list, it means we don't receive your survey so far. Please kindly send an email to us, providing your shipping information and keyboard preference. We can't ship your order without the shipping information. Please don't forget to double check your pledged reward on Kickstarter and make sure to choose the same reward in the survey. Wrong information will cause the delay in your order. 


For any questions, please feel free to email to support@epomaker.com. 



  • Posted on by Perkins Jon Ong

    Hello, Is there a way to confirm that we have successfully complied the survey for the 1st batch?

  • Posted on by randomsomeone

    So funny to see some babies crying and complaining when their questions are actually answered almost everywhere. Please, you just need to read.

  • Posted on by Steve B

    Looks like they’ve updated the form so you can use the Apple ID email in your Account Profile so it matches what they have on file, and then specify your personal email so they can email you information. cheers :-)

  • Posted on by Vitaly

    Super confusing everything!
    I had no idea what I pledged more than a month ago, and in confirmation email it wasn’t specified what I chose at the time. So now I kind of guessing what I chose – I hope it matches.
    Also what is pledge amount – which currency? It says total – total with shipping? Confusing.

  • Posted on by Epomaker


    We would like to address some questions in the comment. However, we strongly suggest everyone email us or find us on Discord if you have any questions.

    - I can’t see the survey. What can I do?
    Please kindly wait a little bit and scroll down. The survey may need some time to load, depending on your devices. Please try different browsers or different devices if there’s a need.

    - What’s the process after the survey, when/how do I get charged?
    We just post an update on Kickstarter and explaining the following steps. Kindly find more details here. Thank you very much for your patience.

    - Where can I find what I choose in the survey, or what I pledge on KS?
    For the survey submissions, you will receive a confirmation email including all data you submitted. Search “EPOMaker GK96S Survey” without " if you can’t find the email.
    For KS order details, please log in to your KS account and check your Backed Projects page.

    - Does Epomaker offer a cheaper price on the site for GK96S?
    No, we don’t. The retail price of GK96S on the site is $10-$20 higher than the KS price, based on different options. The expense of express shipping is the same as KS. Plus, the GK96S is excluded from the free sitewide standard shipping service. Shipping priority goes to our KS backers first.

    We hope that clarifies. Again, we appreciate your support, and hope you email us if you have specific questions. Your feedback and suggestions are valued and much respected. We are all ears.

    Epomaker Team

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