Epomaker Keyboard Reviews - June 2022:  Mini Cat 64 Kit, TH96

Epomaker Keyboard Reviews - June 2022: Mini Cat 64 Kit, TH96

by Freya Tong on Jul 11, 2022

'The Mini Cat 64 kit is a simple, straightforward build resulting in a keyboard that is cute and fun, but also very functional and useful. Paired with the Kitty Keycaps set, it’s the perfect addition to any desk or workspace desperately in need of an injection of pastel rainbow kitty aesthetic.'
by John Reppion
on June. 12th, 2022
(Photo credit: Christopher Coke)
'The TH96 comes stock with custom switches and keycaps, though both are easily replaceable. The switches are Epomaker’s lightweight Flamingo linears, which come factory lubed and have a consistently smooth key press all the way to the bottom of their travel and a 35-gram actuation force. I was worried they would be too light, but that force jumps to 45 grams to bottom out, which is the same as Cherry MX Reds. The lube job is good, so there’s no need to lube these again to have a smooth and great-sounding typing experience.'
by Christopher Coke
on June. 16th, 2022



Translation for reference:
'It was my first time to use a keyboard that looks like this, but when I actually used it, the atmosphere was nice. Especially when playing games at night, it changed to a cute desk with RGB lighting.
Since it is a mechanical keyboard, it can be used for games. There is also a win key lock function, so you can prevent erroneous operations.
Personally, it's a good point to be able to create your favorite keymap with software.
I assign "right ctrl" to "F10" which is often used.'
by R
on June. 21st, 2022

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