• Epomaker GK96S Survey

    Epomaker GK96S Survey
    The GK96S Survey is taken down. If your backer ID is listed below please kindly email us to process your orders.    1. Backer ID: 1240, 1449, 2000.   If your backer ID matches one of the number above, it means your survey information doesn't match your Kickstarter pledged information. Thus, we can't confirm what keyboard you want or if there will be difference for you.  Please...
  • Epomaker.com 11.11 Sales Event Announcement

    Epomaker.com 11.11 Sales Event Announcement
    Get ready for BIG savings online Nov. 11-13, 2020 This year has been a tough pill to swallow for everyone. However, the love we have received from all of you during such a difficult year has been an unforgettable experience for the entire Epomaker team. As a small team, we know that we could never have gotten this far without all of your trust...
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