Epomaker Tide75 QMK/VIA
Epomaker Tide75 QMK/VIA
Epomaker Tide75 QMK/VIA
Epomaker Tide75 QMK/VIA

Epomaker Tide75 QMK/VIA

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Epomaker Tide75 QMK/VIA

EPOMAKER Tide Series

At EPOMAKER, we take community feedback very seriously. Responding to the increasing demand for affordable aluminum keyboards, we are excited to introduce the EPOMAKER Tide series. The Tide 65 and Tide 75 feature full aluminum construction for enhanced durability and style. Each model includes a Mirror PVD back piece that subtly elevates the aesthetic. The EPOMAKER Tide series are now available in both 75% and 65% layouts cater to various needs, offering options for different user preferences.

Epomaker Tide75 QMK/VIA

Epomaker Tide75 QMK/VIA

QMK Programmable Hotswappable PCB

Both the Tide 65 and Tide 75 are QMK compatible, allowing for comprehensive programmability and customization of key mappings and macros to suit any workflow or gaming setup. With a hot-swappable PCBs, users can easily swap to desired switches without any soldering required, maximizing personalization and convenience.

Epomaker Tide75 QMK/VIA

6063 Aluminum Case with Mirror PVD Back Piece

The Tide 65 and Tide 75 are housed in a 6063 aluminum case, available with electrophoretic (Blue) or anodized (Black/Purple/Pink) finishes. These finishes provide resistance to daily wear and tear and improve durability for long-term use. Additionally, a Mirror PVD back piece featuring the EPOMAKER logo enhances aesthetics in a subtle yet meaningful way. Although it's positioned on the back of the keyboard and not visible while typing, we believe every detail matters. The keyboards also feature double-shot side-print OEM profile keycaps with shine-through legends for a distinctive appearance.

Epomaker Tide75 QMK/VIA

FR4 Plate and Comprehensive Foam Kit

The use of an FR4 plate—a high-density fiber material that strikes a balance between the rigidity of an aluminum plate and the flexibility of a PC plate—ensures a solid yet less harsh typing experience. This material choice provides a balanced typing experience. To further refine the acoustic performance, we incorporate five layers of sound-dampening materials: Poron pcb-plate foam, IXPE switch foam, PET noise cancellation pad, Poron case foam, and PET insulation pad. These layers work together to enhance the sound, reduce vibration and rattle, and eliminate metal pinging.

Epomaker Tide75 QMK/VIA

Tri-Mode Connectivity with a 4000mAh Battery

The EPOMAKER Tide 65 and 75 feature versatile tri-mode connectivity, supporting Bluetooth, 2.4GHz wireless for portability and USB Type-C for reliable wired operation. Equipped with a powerful 4000mAh battery, delivering extended usage time, minimizing the need for frequent recharging and ensuring productivity remains uninterrupted.

Technical Specifications

Number of Keys
82 keys + 1 knob
Case Material
6063 Aluminum
Aluminum Case Finishing
Electrophoretic (Blue), Anodized (Black, Purple, Pink)
Bluetooth, 2.4GHz Wireless, Type-C Wired
South-facing RGB LEDs
Plate Material
Stabilizer Type
Software Compatibility
OEM profile double-shot PBT keycaps
1.8 kg
330 x 146 x 21.5 mm
Front Height
21.5 mm
Inside the box
  • Keyboard
  • Manual
  • Keycap/Switch Puller
  • 2.4G Dongle
  • Type-C Cable

Customer Reviews

Based on 9 reviews
Key caps are a no

I own many many epomaker keyboards and other mechanical keyboards. It’s a growing collection and hobby of mine. Long story short, the aluminum board is beautiful. The key caps are trash compared to their other key caps on other boards. I switched out the switches to see if it was just the switch, but the key caps are the issue.They feel too thin and light which creates a sharp noise and definitely not thocky or creamy. It’s just a weird sensation and noise. Not good at all.I even switched out the key caps with another set I have and it only confirmed more that the key caps are no good with this board.If you buy this then make sure it’s on sale. I’m having a bit of buyers regret now that i have to mod it more than I wanted to.


I will start off by saying, I have over 20 luxury mech keyboards and maybe 5 mid to low end keyboards. I am BLOWN AWAY by this keyboard. When it comes to mechanical keyboards, it comes down to personal preference. This keyboard has made its way to a spot in my top 3. First, the barebones base is built like a tank. It is made from aluminum. It features a silver plate and ****. The keycaps are aesthetically pleasing with a side printed view. The backlit RGB looks amazing. You must properly change the side view light if you prefer to see the letters lit. I have changed my settings to include a photo for you. It has a triple-mode connection, offering USB-C wired, Bluetooth and Wireless options. It connected to my iMAC 24 inch super easily within seconds. The LEMON SWITCHES are a JOY to type on. This is where preference jumps in. It is incredibly smooth to type on. The spacebar sounds like a lego. It is Gasket mounted which contributes to the smooth experience. This keyboard is hot-swappable meaning, you can customize the switches and the keycaps with ENDLESS options. Just make sure you get the correct 3-5 pin switches and keycaps with a cross axis connection to fit. This means, if you do not like the way the typing feels but, love the look of it, you can change it to your preference. I am a keyboard snob and VERY picky, yet I am in love with this. Overall, well built with a smooth linear typing experience. I HIGHLY RECOMMEND!

M. P
The best part? The weight of the board..

this is HEAVY. which is great because that's what I expected from an aluminium board.the keycaps and the switches though - the combination is definitely NOT thocky. It's loud and clacky - pretty painful to my ears but this is easily down to personal preferences.I took the keycaps off and they were the thinnest plastic keycaps I've seen - it's very flimsy - at one point while removing them I thought I cracked something. Then I proceeded to remove the lemon switches.. and be careful also - these were a little flimsier than what I'm used to. at one point - I am pretty certain the front lip of one of the switches definitely cracked. so be aware.I am using this to type this review also - and just realized there's a weird sound coming from the spacebar - a weird clicking. will need to investigate it further.the RGB is downward facing so FYI also on this.The pink board I got? its definitely not milky pink like the 4th picture? i would say its more anodized and even a weird pink than I prefer. I've tried some keycaps to try to match the color but can't get it to really compliment.not that happy with this board - only thing that's making me happy is the weight of the board so am pretty unsure if $120 at point of review is worth the price at all.

Mike B.

This keyboard is made of metal.

Jackie A
Beautiful, Well Made Keyboard

Originally, this was a bit of an impulse purchase, but I'm more than happy to report my complete and absolute satisfaction with this product.

First thing I noticed: it's a HEAVY keyboard. Epomaker did not cut corners on manufacturing or materials. It's on par with the weight of my GMMK Pro. (However, unlike the GMMK, this keyboard not only has Bluetooth, but is a way better price).
The edges of the body give off a gorgeous sheen just making it feel all the more premium.

The big surprise for me was the Lemon switches. I typically enjoy the loud clicky switches, (Kailh Box Whites and Box Navy's!) These switches are not clicky, but might be the smoothest feeling switches I've ever experienced. It should be noted that they are extremely sensitive so to a heavy handed typist like myself, it took a little getting used to, but after a day or two, I began to adjust fine. (Also, the keycaps compliment the switches nicely!)

I was expecting to make several modifications to this board, but honestly, out of the box this is one of the most satisfying keyboards I've ever used. I've been daily driving it for about a week now and couldn't be happier!

Dear Customer,

Thank you for your detailed and positive review! We appreciate your satisfaction with the quality and weight of our keyboard.

Your satisfaction and happiness is what we strive for. Thank you again for your support and for choosing Epomaker. If you have any further thoughts or suggestions, please feel free to share them with us.

Best regards,
Epomaker Team