VIA Gasket Bluetooth 5.0/2.4ghz/Wired Hot Swappable Numpad

  • Triple Modes, 1000mAh Large Capacity Battery
  • Poron Bottom/Sandwich Foam, IXPE Switch Pad
  • Aluminum Alloy Knob&Refinedly Tuned Stabilizier
  • PC Plate with CNC Cutting
  • VIA Programmable
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EPOMAKER EK21 Gasket Numpad

Introducing the EK21 Gasket Numpad, a powerhouse of functionality and customization designed to elevate your productivity and typing experience. Packed with innovative features, this numpad offers a superior performance that meets the demands of discerning users. Let comfort, customization, and superior performance become the cornerstones of your work routine.

VIA Programmable

As a response to the community, the EK21 numpad is programmable by VIA, providing you with the freedom to customize and personalize every key to suit your workflow and preferences. Create complex macros, remap keys, and fine-tune your typing experience effortlessly using the intuitive VIA software. Take control and optimize your productivity like never before.

Triple Modes, 1000mAh Large Capacity Battery

Equipped with triple modes, the EK21 adapts to your specific needs. Choose between wired, Bluetooth, or 2.4ghz wireless connectivity for seamless and convenient usage. The numpad also boasts a large 1000mAh battery capacity, ensuring extended usage without the need for frequent recharging. Stay productive and enjoy uninterrupted performance throughout your day.

Poron Bottom/Sandwich Foam, IXPE Switch Pad

The EK21 is also designed with your comfort in mind. The Poron bottom layer, combined with the sandwich foam and IXPE switch pad, provides a cushioned typing experience that reduces strain on your fingers and minimizes noise. Say goodbye to fatigue and distractions, and type with ease and precision.

Aluminum Alloy Knob&Refinedly Tuned Stabilizier

Featuring an aluminum alloy knob, the EK21 delivers refined control. The knob's premium construction adds a touch of elegance to the numpad while providing smooth and precise adjustments. It also incorporates meticulously tuned stabilizers to ensure consistent and satisfying key presses. Say goodbye to wobbly or inconsistent typing experiences. Every keystroke on the EK21 feels stable and precise, allowing you to focus on your work without distractions.

PC Plate with CNC Cutting

The EK21 features a PC plate that has undergone CNC precision cutting and sandblasting for a sleek and durable finish. The ABS plastic front and back panels, without any oil coating, provide a comfortable and non-slip grip. The combination of these materials ensures a premium build quality that can withstand daily use.

Technical Specifications

Gasket structure (poron gasket)
PC plate with CNC precise cutting and sandblasting
Aluminum alloy knob
Bottom and sandwich Poron foam; IXPE switch pad
Case Material
Plastic ABS
Pre-lubed and refinedly tuned
Tri-modes-Bluetooth/2.4ghz/USB-C wired
1.8m Type-C OD3.5 braided cable
Inside the box
  • Numpad
  • Cable
  • 2.4G Receiver
  • Manual
  • Switch Puller

Customer Reviews

Based on 8 reviews
Jon Nordland
Bricked by firmware

When you go to the page you are told in the usevia.com app, you are told there to update firmware. The only numpad firmware on this site is for JJK21, and the layout matches perfectly with this. But if you install that firmware (which it happily does when you run it), you will brick/destroy the numpad. Tried to contact support to see if it was possible to get the proper firmware, but no response. So given the price, and bad software and confusing instruction, and lack of support. This is a pure fail in my mind.

Junrie Guarin
Shadow x

Awesome product, would love to see in next version to have dedicated button for FN keys.

Sage Caballero


robert de groot
Useful numpad for numerous reasons

I used to have a 100% keyboard which took a lot of space on my desk. I also use a laptop every now and then which doesn't have a numpad. The numpad helps me in my work (typing measurements all the time) and with my hobby (changing views in 3D modelling).
The EK21 weighs almost nothing and the fact that it's hot swappable gave me the opportunity to buy a 75% keyboard (TH80 Pro barebones) together with the numpad. I bought enough switches for both and used another keycap set.
I love the fact that it can connect with 3 devices using bluetooth as well as the other connecting options.
The lights do turn off after a few minutes, but that's fine to me. It's probably to save some battery. To turn it back on I just hit the Fn key or I start typing which works as well.

The previous reviewer mentioned his keyboard had a lot of flex. With mine that's not the case. Even if I press a bit harder than I should it's barely moving.

The keycaps and switches I used are KiiBoom transparant keycaps and Kailh Clione Limacina Switches.

Kind of disappointed

- In wireless mode, it goes to sleep in like 5 minutes, and the knob doesn't work. So if you want to change the volume, you need to first press a button on it to wake it up, and only then the knob starts working. Very inconvenient
- when you press buttons, the flex is incredible. I think that either the plate that is supposed to hold the thing is not present, or it's not screwed in. To explain, after I bottom out on the key, the whole thing keeps going down for another 3mm, sinking inside the casing. I added the pictures. The whole thing sinks so much that the top of the keycap gets lower than the case. The feeling is that you're typing on a sponge. Idk, maybe that's because of a gasket, but the feeling is horrible.
- the spacing between the row with the num key and top row is smaller than the spacing between the numeric and f-key rows on regular 100% keyboards. I didn't think much of it at first, but after having used it for a while I have to say it is unnatural and inconvenient
- the feet at the top are located closer to the center of the keyboard because of the location of the USB port. that means that if you press the knob or any key in the top row with enough force, the board does a "wheelie", the bottom part of the keyboard lifts from the desk
- the knob is wobbly, but it rolls nicely with crisp stepping, which is very satisfying. and it can be pressed to mute, which is very useful. I'm happy with the knob

I thought it was going to be nice to have an 87-key keyboard and a separate numpad, but now I understand it's a gimmick. Having a normal 100% or maybe 96-98% with a knob would be much better.

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