VIA Gasket Bluetooth 5.0/2.4ghz/Wired Hot Swappable Numpad

  • Triple Modes, 1000mAh Large Capacity Battery
  • Poron Bottom/Sandwich Foam, IXPE Switch Pad
  • Aluminum Alloy Knob&Refinedly Tuned Stabilizier
  • PC Plate with CNC Cutting
  • VIA Programmable
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EPOMAKER EK21 Gasket Numpad

Introducing the EK21 Gasket Numpad, a powerhouse of functionality and customization designed to elevate your productivity and typing experience. Packed with innovative features, this numpad offers a superior performance that meets the demands of discerning users. Let comfort, customization, and superior performance become the cornerstones of your work routine.

VIA Programmable

As a response to the community, the EK21 numpad is programmable by VIA, providing you with the freedom to customize and personalize every key to suit your workflow and preferences. Create complex macros, remap keys, and fine-tune your typing experience effortlessly using the intuitive VIA software. Take control and optimize your productivity like never before.

Triple Modes, 1000mAh Large Capacity Battery

Equipped with triple modes, the EK21 adapts to your specific needs. Choose between wired, Bluetooth, or 2.4ghz wireless connectivity for seamless and convenient usage. The numpad also boasts a large 1000mAh battery capacity, ensuring extended usage without the need for frequent recharging. Stay productive and enjoy uninterrupted performance throughout your day.

Poron Bottom/Sandwich Foam, IXPE Switch Pad

The EK21 is also designed with your comfort in mind. The Poron bottom layer, combined with the sandwich foam and IXPE switch pad, provides a cushioned typing experience that reduces strain on your fingers and minimizes noise. Say goodbye to fatigue and distractions, and type with ease and precision.

Aluminum Alloy Knob&Refinedly Tuned Stabilizier

Featuring an aluminum alloy knob, the EK21 delivers refined control. The knob's premium construction adds a touch of elegance to the numpad while providing smooth and precise adjustments. It also incorporates meticulously tuned stabilizers to ensure consistent and satisfying key presses. Say goodbye to wobbly or inconsistent typing experiences. Every keystroke on the EK21 feels stable and precise, allowing you to focus on your work without distractions.

PC Plate with CNC Cutting

The EK21 features a PC plate that has undergone CNC precision cutting and sandblasting for a sleek and durable finish. The ABS plastic front and back panels, without any oil coating, provide a comfortable and non-slip grip. The combination of these materials ensures a premium build quality that can withstand daily use.

Technical Specifications

gasket structure (poron gasket)
PC plate with CNC precise cutting and sandblasting
aluminum alloy knob
bottom and sandwich Poron foam; IXPE switch pad
pre-lubed and refinedly tuned
Tri-modes-Bluetooth/2.4ghz/USB-C wired
1.8m Type-C OD3.5 braided cable
Inside the box
  • Numpad
  • Cable
  • 2.4G Receiver
  • Manual
  • Switch Puller

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