Epomaker Sea Salt Switch Set

Original 35 Pieces of EPOMAKER Sea Salt Switch Set for Mechanical Keyboard Replacement

  • POM Stem with PC & Nylon Housing
  • 5-Pin, Compatible with MX Structure Keycaps
  • Built-in LED Slot & Durable Lifespan
  • Heavy Operating Force with Linear Feature
  • Suitable for customised keyboards
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Epomaker Switch with Linear Feature

Epomaker Sea Salt mechanical switches are made with initial force of 35g and end force of 60g. With a total travel of 2.00mm, this switch shows its characteristic to be outstanding. Designed a linear type, it aims at pulling up the smooth typing experience to the full!

Factory Lubed

Coming factory-lubed and special structured, the Epomaker Sea Salt switch can be self-lubed when being typed, which is especially helpful for maintaining a smooth feeling. The durable stem is credited to a more smooth and pleasing typing experience.

5-Pin Switches, Convenient for PCB Mount

The Epomaker Sea Salt switches are with 5 pins. They are compatible with the keyboards that supports 5-pin hot-swap, offering satisfying typing experience for hours on end. Compared with general 3-pin switches, the 5-pin is also helpful for installing on PCB mounted keyboards directly and keeping stable without issues.

Compatible with MX Structure Keycaps

Epomaker Sea Salt switches are designed with general MX structure so that they can fit most keycaps sets with (X) cross stem. This greatly improves the compatibility and you can feel free to change the switch and remake your own keyboard.

Built-in LED Slot & Durable Lifespan

Equipped with LED slots for modification, the backlight can be shine-through even with PBT housings in the Epomaker Sea Salt switches. This provides more fun feature and options for DIYers. With a strong stainless steel spring, the lifespan can go up to 60 million times of keystrokes based on laboratory durability test. Get your keyboard something new and have fun with them!

Epomaker Sea Salt Switch
  • Type: Linear
  • Material: POM stem, PC & Nylon Housing
  • Initial force:35 ± 5 gf
  • Triggered force:50 ± 5 gf
  • Actuation force: 60 gf
  • Total Travel: 4.0mm
  • Pre Travel: 2mm
  • Technical Specifications

    POM Stem, PC & Nylon Housing
    Switch type
    Number of switches
    35 pieces
    Inside the box
    • 35 Pieces of EPOMAKER Sea Salt Mechanical Switches

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 5 reviews
    和田 彩乃

    Epomaker Sea Salt Switch Set

    소리가 너무 마음에 듭니다. 조용하지만, 나만의 소리를 찾는다면 강추!!

    소리가 너무 마음에 듭니다. 조용하지만, 나만의 소리를 찾는다면 강추!!

    Michael Pabia
    Silent Indeed

    I replaced my Cherry MX Reds with the Epomaker Sea Salt silent switches. These are the first silent switches so I can't compare them with other silent switches but they are sure silent compared to the MX Red which I like. However, I broke 3 switches, the copper prong, in the process of putting them on a Ducky One 3 keyboard. I managed to fix all of them without issues. Nevertheless, I got to use all 35 switches without issues. Still, users need to be aware of the risk of breaking the copper prongs. Buying extras would be recommended.

    Walter L
    Silently good~

    Got the silent version.

    Should check their Instagram on silent sea salt switches, the product match exactly what has been advertise.

    Sound silently good~

    Vicky b
    Love it

    Really enjoying how quiet these are when I am in the office. Also, love the feel of the switches.

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