• Update #2 Group Buy Ends, Thanks for Joining!

    Dear Supporters,Β  Greetings! We are thrilled to announce that the Mini Cat 64 group buy has ended, and there are over 600 supporters joining! We are really overwhelmed when we receive all of those emails and messages sharing the love and suggestions about the mini cat, THANK YOU! This really means a lot to us.Β  As scheduled, we are now sorting out the information....
  • Update #1: Thank You for Supporting Mini Cat 64 Groupbuy!

    Dear Supporters, Thanks so much for supporting the EpomakerΒ Mini Cat 64Β Group Buy Campaign!Β  The GB will last for 14 days and will ends on 29th, April. If you are keen on this cat-shaped 60% DIY kit, please help us to spread the word! Share the campaign on Reddit, Discord, Facebook, Twitter or Instagram, you name it! We are ready to spread more fun with...
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