by Lyria Liu on August 11, 2021
NT68 Wireless Mechanical Keyboard Giveaway!


Dear Epomaker Supporters:


In a flash, July has passed, and it is a new month, August is upon us with our new product, Epomaker NT68! To celebrate our new member, we are giving away NT68 for you to enjoy the new 65% WIRELESS MECHANICAL KEYBOARD, with an Invisible Stand!

 Yes!A new giveaway again! Those who didn’t win the prize last time come and join this event, win this freebie to upgrade your typing experience!

Duration: from 30th July to 9th August

Totally 3 lucky winners will be selected.

Rewards will include:

Epomaker NT68 65% Wireless Mechanical Keyboard x3


Important notice:

Our NT68 will be officially launched on Kickstarter soon:) 

Warm tips: the more entries you earn, the more likely you win the amazing reward. If you couldn't find the giveaway on the top of this announcement, CLICK HERE TO JOIN!




 Stay tuned,

 Epomaker Team



#Giveaway Winners Announcement!

Thanks to everyone for joining this giveaway! Congratulations to these three lucky winners!

We have sent an email to inform the winners, please remember to check the email, and kindly check your spam folder if you can't find it!


Love you guys,take care!

Epomaker Team


by SangKeun,Lee on October 11, 2021

I couldn’t wait for arriving my Epomaker NT68 keyboard. Come on my lovely baby as quick as possible

by Roger on October 11, 2021

Keycap color combination is amazing! Hoping to get 1 of this stunning keyboard.

by Harrison on October 11, 2021

Love the design and how compact it is, also love the exposed keys and stand design, would be an all round good keyboard to have.

by Lance on October 11, 2021

Love the design. Will fit my work from home setup and when the time comes to head back to office.

by Lance on October 11, 2021

Love the design. Will fit my work from home setup and when the time comes to head back to office.

by Hela on October 11, 2021


by Khai Anwar on October 11, 2021


by Tonmoy Roychowdhury on October 11, 2021

Really hope I can get this amazing keyboard will really help me as a student transitioning between junior and senior years in high school.

by Yul Parale on October 11, 2021

I’d love to have it as my keyboard, it would be so easy to use and to carry wherever I want to. Hoping to win this giveaway.

by Keith Abalos on October 11, 2021

Mine 🤣

by Candice D on October 11, 2021

Really excited for the new keyboard most especially since its going to be wireless. All the best for everyone on the giveaway and would love to give this a try!

by Aeman on October 11, 2021

Godbless you EPOMAKER!

by Antoine Mutin on October 11, 2021

After all the research, the Instagram algorithm finally found me this brand that’s looks exactly like what I needed!

by Cedrick on October 11, 2021

Just recently got into the mechanical keyboard rabbit hole and love them!! Recently bought an Epomaker sk68 and love it!!

by Pauly on August 04, 2021

Cannot wait for this keyboard. A portable mechanical keyboard with a origami stand sounds so cool 😎

by Aaron Dale P. Rodrigo on August 04, 2021

I love all your product they’re all worth your money hoping to be the one of the luckiest winner😊

by Will maitner on August 04, 2021

This is the perfect keyboard for your mobile kit.

by Gregor Rowley on August 04, 2021

I am fairly new to mechanical keyboards but from the start have been a fan of epomaker products. The concept behind the NT68 is incredibly exciting and seems like the sort of portable tool which would become indispensable in the modern information worker’s arsenal.

by Jet on August 04, 2021

Really like how epomaker is listening to its fans and continue to develop innovative keyboards that are affordable, functional and desirable. Keep it up!!

by Wan Muhamad Sham Azhar bin Wan Endut on August 04, 2021

I hope i will get this amazing keyboard

by Ben Bauer on August 04, 2021

Aw Geez, aw man. This is all so overwhelming… just… My Rick wants this keyboard specifically… 🙃

by SangKeun,Lee on August 04, 2021

Expect good keyboard – Epomaker NT68

by Jerome Andrew Largado on August 04, 2021

Design was cool. I loved it already!

by Jakub Jaworski on August 04, 2021

Hello, your keyboard look brilliant. I really wanna have one. :)))

by Mohammad Wahiduzzaman Khan on August 04, 2021

I love Epomaker.

by Filippo on August 04, 2021

The look of the keyboard with sober but lively colors makes it great and decorative: a nice touch amongst tons of full blacks or full whites

by John Andrew on August 04, 2021

Thank you for giving us an opportunity to join in this wonderful event. If I were to win, this item will be appreciated and loved. Also, it can help me to have a comfortable experience while using my computer and can boost my performance in games and typing codes since I’m an IT student .

by Bernardino Fasanaro on August 04, 2021

Congratulations, your keyboards looks very nice and cutie

by Jahani Mathis on August 04, 2021

Nice design


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