Epomaker May Sales 2022 Announcement

Epomaker May Sales 2022 Announcement

by Freya Tong on Apr 25, 2022

May is the month summoning the summer with passion, love, and appreciation. To many Star Wars fans, May 4th is a big day to unite to celebrate the sci-fi franchise. May the force be with you - which is not merely a line from the series, but also contains our best wishes to you - we wish you a fresh start in the upcoming summer!  

To celebrate the day and spread the love, we at Epomaker will be hosting a May Sales Event for featured products with discounts up to 50% off

The Epomaker 2022 May Sales will officially start from 00:00 am 1st to 23:59 pm 5th May 2022 (GMT+8). Products that are on sale will automatically be discounted during the sale event.

May the fourth be with you!

Epomaker.com Giveaway 25th - 30th, April 2022

We are giving away a popular Epomaker TH68, a set of keycaps, an aviator cable plus a $15 Epomaker.com Voucher X 15 to 15 lucky winners! Click here to join!


Epomaker Theory TH68 X1

Epomaker Barometer Keycap Set X1

Epomaker MIX Cable X1

Epomaker Voucher $15 X15


We are giving away a popular Epomaker TH68, a set of keycaps, a glowing cable plus a $15 Epomaker.com Voucher X 15 to 15 lucky winners! Click here to join!


May Sales: From 00:00 1st to 23:59 5th May 2022 (GMT+8)

· Spin to Win Further Discounts: 4th of May (GMT+8)

Have fun on Star Wars Day, and spin to win a voucher that can be used on your already discounted products. On the very day of 4th, May, we will launch a floating wheel on our website. If you win a voucher by spinning the wheel, feel free to use it at the checkout page to get further discounts. May the force and luck be with you in the summer! 

*Note: Each customer can only use one voucher. Epomaker reserves the right to cancel any order that may exploit the system. 

· Up to 50% Discount on Featured Items: 1st May - 5th May


Enjoy a flash deal to add some new spices to your new summer desk setup plan! To provide more options for our worldwide supporters, we are thrilled to introduce our official AliExpress store, and partner stores for the Philippines, Malaysia, and Brazil. 

No more fussy calculations, all the products are automatically discounted on the website and our official Aliexpress Store. Mind the countdown reminder of the deal before it’s gone! 

50% off 
SK61S (Wireless Dual Mode)
Epomaker Silicone keycaps (for 84 keys)
MagicForce 68
Ajazz AJ390
Ajazz A1 TWS
40% off
Ajazz Zinc
Ajazz i610T
GK68X/GK68XS (Plastic Case)
GK73S Kit
SK61 (Wired Mode)
SK61 ABS (Wired Mode)
GK68X (Alu Case)
GK68 Keycap
GK64XS kit
Epomaker Rainbow Keycaps
Epomaker Pudding Keycaps 

 Check Deals on Webstore NOW


Our Partner Stores in the Philippines, Malaysia, and Brazil


Apart from the discounts, we have more to give!


Epomaker YouTube Channel - Subscribe and Comment to Win Kitty Keycaps!

Some of you may have noticed - YES, we have re-activated our Youtube channel!  We plan to post more videos about in-stock sound tests, software tutorials, and other topics that might be helpful and interesting to you in the upcoming future. 

Subscribe to Epomaker on Youtube now and leave your thoughts on our [Cutest Ever] Epomaker Mini Cat 64 DIY Mechanical Keyboard Kit  from 1st to 5th May, we will randomly select one lucky winner in the comments to give away a set of Epomaker Kitty keycaps

Share Your Epomaker Keyboard on Reddit to Win An Epomaker Keycaps Set!

Don’t forget we also still have a subreddit of r/epomaker! Share anything about the Epomaker TH66 on Reddit, you will have a chance to get your order free!

How to get my TH66 Order free?

Share any thoughts on Epomaker TH66 with a short product review on Reddit r/mechanicalkeyboard and DM your order number to our u/epomaker from 1st to 5th May, and we will randomly select three lucky winners to provide a FULL refund for the posted order.

The winning list will be posted on the subreddit of r/epomaker.


  1. Due to the public holidays in China, orders placed within the sales period will be processed from the 5th of May.
  2. All sales products, including but not limited to, gift cards, vouchers, and sale products are available until they are out of stock.
  3. The contents, rules, and deals of this page can change without prior notice.
  4. We reserve the right to cancel any order trying to exploit the coupon/reward system.
  5. Shipping options may be limited to standard or express, depending on your location.
  6. Due to the COVID-19, shipping to some countries and regions may take a longer time than usual to process and transit among different ports. 

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