SKYLOONG GK75 Triple-Mode
SKYLOONG GK75 Triple-Mode
SKYLOONG GK75 Triple-Mode
SKYLOONG GK75 Triple-Mode
SKYLOONG GK75 Triple-Mode
SKYLOONG GK75 Triple-Mode
SKYLOONG GK75 Triple-Mode
SKYLOONG GK75 Triple-Mode
SKYLOONG GK75 Triple-Mode
SKYLOONG GK75 Triple-Mode
SKYLOONG GK75 Triple-Mode
SKYLOONG GK75 Triple-Mode
SKYLOONG GK75 Triple-Mode
SKYLOONG GK75 Triple-Mode
SKYLOONG GK75 Triple-Mode
SKYLOONG GK75 Triple-Mode
SKYLOONG GK75 Triple-Mode
SKYLOONG GK75 Triple-Mode
SKYLOONG GK75 Triple-Mode
SKYLOONG GK75 Triple-Mode

SKYLOONG GK75 Triple-Mode

75% Compact Lite Gasket Bluetooth 5.1 & 2.4G Wireless / Type-C Wired Hotswap Keyboard

  • 75% for 81 keys with hot swappable terminals and knob modules
  • Bluetooth 5.1 & 2.4G Wireless connection, 4000mAh battery
  • Innovative shallow-gasket-mounted & bottom foam
  • Split spacebar module & PBT keycaps in GK5 Profile
  • 16.8 Million RGB Backlight

Note: The Alu Top Case version comes with 4 knobs; the Full Plastic Case version comes with 1 knob

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Hot-swappable Module for Knobs and Switches

The Skyloong GK75 Triple-mode version keyboard is equipped with hot swappable terminals, with which you can install 3/5 pin switches directly without soldering. What’s new in GK75 Triple-mode version is that it comes with 6 hotswappable modules specifically designed for both knobs and switches. By simply pulling it out, you can easily swap the knob with a regular mechanical switch and keycap. Thanks to the powerful proprietary software, you can also customize the knob's function at will.

Shallow Gasket Structure & Bottom Foam

The GK75 is adapted with the patented Shallow Gasket design, which comes with an all-in-one silicone pad, which is meticulously made of lightweight liquid silicone with high precision to match each switch. Inserted in between the PCB board and the plate, the Shallow Gasket silicone pad not only eliminates the traditional design’s drawback of lacking support in the main typing area, but also cushions the shock under every keystroke. The keyboard also contains a foam at the bottom layer to reduce hallow sounds, as well as enhancing the feeling of typing stokes.

Wired and Wireless: Type-C, 2.4G & Bluetooth 5.1 Connections

Designed for versatility, the GK75 Triple-mode version can be used in distinct three ways: Bluetooth 5.1, 2.4G USB wireless, and Type C wired connections. You can connect the keyboard to your devices with the included Type-C cable, using a 2.4G wireless dongle, or simply using the latest Bluetooth 5.1 connection. Connecting up to 2 devices via Bluetooth and wireless 2.4GHz simultaneously. The signal transmission is stable to meet the needs of diverse work, study, and entertainment.

Split Spacebar Module & PBT Keycaps in GK5 Profile

As a member in the GK Lite series, GK75 Triple-mode version keyboard also includes an extra split spacebar module (2.75U/2.25U/1.25U) with which you can customize it based on your own typing habit. As to the keycaps, we go with premium PBT material to achieve an ultimate experience. With the scrubbed surface texture, they feel smooth and it is oil-proof, so it won't remain your fingerprints even after a long time use. The GK5 profile makes the classic shape provide a comfortable typing experience while using the GK75 Triple-mode version keyboard.

16.8 Million RGB Backlight

Set up the colors and rhythm in the way you like it and match up the lighting effects with your mode every day! There are different backlight effects available for you to choose, and you can even customize your own gaming light modes in the software. Make your keyboard unique by matching its color scheme with your room!

Technical Specifications

SKYLOONG GK75 Triple-mode
Top Case Material Options
ABS plastic, Aluminium
PBT in GK5 profile
Yes, hot-swappable for 3-pin and 5-pin switches and knob modules
Split Spacebar
Yes, size in 2.75U/2.25U/1.25U
Plate Options
  • FR4 or PC in the Alu top case version
  • Steel in the Plastic version
  • Battery Capacity (Bluetooth version)
    Bluetooth 5.1 & 2.4G Wireless / Type-C to USB connection
    Anti-Ghost Key
    Shallow Gasket
    322.5 * 141 * 31mm
    about 900g
    Inside the box
    • Keyboard
    • Instructional Manual
    • Type-C Cable
    • Keycap Puller
    • Switch Puller
    • Knob Module


    Customer Reviews

    Based on 8 reviews
    James Fitzpatrick
    Bought for the split space: Unexpectedly found my endgame board

    This thing was so unexpectedly good!
    I've been through two other boards so far, a 70% and a 60%: I got used to both over time, but I always did miss my function row. But this layout is the perfect combination of functionality and compactness, without shoving everything onto another function layer awkwardly. The PBT keycaps feel great, and create an extremely nice sound to type with. The included split spacebar modification was the entire reason I was interested, and I certainly wasn't disappointed. It was quick to install, fits in almost perfectly (Though the second spacebar does seem to be very slightly misaligned with the first), and is an absolute joy to type on. Not only does it feel much nicer to use a smaller spacebar on my left thumb, the degree of functionality you can gain from a whole extra button for your other thumb. From an easily enabled second layer to something as simple as an easier backspace key.

    The one gripe I have is the software: It's pathetic. It's confusing, it's unintuitive, and feels like a battle to use, especially for RGB! I had to constantly create new RGB layers, change my colours around, save and reset the board, and eventually overwrite one of the default themes just to get my board showing in a single colour with two keys in a different one.

    As long as you minimize your time fighting the software (Ideal to just get your RGB and layers set, then uninstall it forever), this board is absolutely perfect. I do believe I've finally found my endgame board, and for a significantly lower price than most in this hobby spend!


    The keyboard has some serious thocc right out of the box without any modifications. The switches are prelubed and the stabilizers feel awesome, the keyboard has one of the best feeling/sounding spacebars I have experienced up until now. Would recommend to anyone.
    The RGB on the keyboard is also quite nice, especially with the very clear switches that are below the nice looking keycaps that are included with the keyboard. Pudding keycaps really make the RGB shine.

    Ben Seward
    Great keyboard

    Some good THOCKKK definitely worth it for the price. Please note the keycaps aren't the same as in some of the pictures, and don't have the apple media buttons on the side of the function keys. (Same colour though)

    Knob central

    I wanted to get a keyboard with a knob and well the one I got has 4! The switch’s feel nice to type on, but the key caps felt a bit cheap so I switched em with another set I had. Overall tho it’s a good keyboard not much need for modding unless you want to.

    Kevin Rouiller
    super article

    le clavier est fantastique mais j'ai eux des problème de double frappe avec les switch iceberg rose et epomaker a été super réactif et ma renvoyé de nouvelles switch et depuis tous vas bien et j'adore le son que fait les touche.