75% Gasket-like Mount Wired Hot Swappable Programmable Keyboard

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  • ANSI layout, 75% Hotswap Keyboard with a Rotary Knob
  • Innovative Shallow Gasket-Mounted & Bottom Foam
  • Gateron Optical Switches
  • Programmable & Compatible with Win/Mac OS

Note: The ANSI version is with blue backlights (not RGB); the ISO version is with RGB backlights.

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75% Hotswap Keyboard with a Rotary Knob

Skyloong GK75 keyboard is equipped with hot swappable terminals, with which you can install optical switches directly without soldering. Being 75%, the keyboard turns the home clusters into one column of the commonly used home/delete/pgup keys, saving much space for the mouse. Adding a rotary in the end of the F row, the keyboard can fulfill changing volume by simply rotating left and right.

Note: Hotswappable with 1-pin optical switches only. Not available for 3-pin & 5-pin mechanical switches.

Shallow Gasket-Mounted & Bottom Foam

To reach a top typing experience, we have adopted a creative Shallow Gasket design, which is the first innovative Shallow Gasket structure around the world that comes with an all-in-one silicone pad. Apart from eliminating the traditional design's drawback of lacking support on the main typing area, the Shallow Gasket silicone pad can cushion the shock under every keystroke by being inserted in between the PCB board and the plate. The keyboard also contain a foam at the bottom layer to reduce hallow sounds, as well as enhancing the feeling of typing stokes.

Gateron Optical Switches

The Gateron optical switches are 1-pin switches. Unlike the traditional mechanical switches, the optical switches are triggered by laser though the contact point. In this way, they can last longer than general mechanical switches. Without the metal pins, the Gateron optical switches can present better sounds and pro-long life span. With the keyboard of GK75, there are linear reds, yellows and blacks as well as tactile browns for choosing.

High-quality Keycaps in GK5 Profile

The GK75 ANSI keyboard adopt the PBT material for keycaps, which is proved to be sturdy and oil-proof even after long time use. By the unique GK5 profile, the keycaps can keep the typing angle ergonomic and also fit the north-facing LEDs without any interference. The ISO version comes with ABS double-shot keycaps and extra keycaps for replacement.

Programmable & Compatible with Win/Mac OS

The GK75 keyboard is designed for compatible with both Win and Mac OS. With the software, you can create macros and remap the keys and even the knob freely. The built-in flash memory makes sure to save the setting at offline mode. No worries of losing it.

Technical Specifications

75%, 80 Keys + 1 Knob
Gateron optical switches
Keycap Material
  • PBT for ANSI
  • ABS & for ISO
  • Keycap Profile
  • GK5 Profile for blue-pink keycaps
  • GK6 Profile for black-pink keycaps
  • Case Material
    Mount Type
    Gasket-like Mount
    Yes, optical switches only
    Stabilizer Type
    Single-color light only
    Detachable Type-C interface
    322.5 * 141 * 31mm
    Around 960g
    Inside the box
    • Keyboard
    • Instrusction Manual
    • Type-C Cable
    • Keycap-switch Puller

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 27 reviews
    Otis Cheung
    Best keyboard that I've ever bought

    This keyboard is such a simple yet complex keyboard. Nothing on the keyboard is too over-the-top, yet it provides more than meets the eye. It has a very creamy and thocky feel and has a very high-quality build. It also has this very high-end volume knob which, I must say, is very useful for everyday use. It's also a great gaming keyboard, I have never run into any issues or latency while using it for gaming.

    Sangita Gurung

    Amazing quality, loved the sound of the keys and customisations.

    False Marketing

    The keyboard claimed to have hot swappable switches. I tried, but couldn't pull any out. The RGB is very weak and I it is super difficult to change the color on the software. Beware that the shift key is super small, I didn't do enough research to learn this until it was too late. The return policy is also really difficult. I got the keyboard and it sat in my room while I built my PC. When I finally took the keyboard out of the box and realized the flaws, I couldn't return it. The shipping also takes a really long time, I ordered mine and it took three and a half weeks for the keyboard to arrive.

    Pedro Thomaz Pedroni de Camargo


    GK75 ANSI- First Mechanical Keyboard

    I paid just about £50 and for that money, the quality is excellent; lovely solid plastic and a nice programmable knob. RGB comes in only blue but that does not bother me. The only problem is that the switches are only hot swappable with other gateron optical switches which only leaves about 5 options. If you want a more customisable keyboard this is not for you. The switches I bought were yellow, sound great, and are pretty quiet, however I would have got a higher actuation force like black in hindsight because I often unintentionally press keys. The keyboard has a sneaky socket only compatible with epomaker cables which was not so good. Apart from that I am overall impressed with this product, and I will definitely consider buying again from Epomaker in future. If you don't mind waiting up to a month for your product this is a great introduction to quality mechanical keyboards.

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