65% Wired Optical Hot Swappable Programmable Keyboard

  • Prelubed Optical Switches
  • 65%, Hotswap for 1-pin Optical Switch & A Rotary Knob
  • Programmable & Compatible with Win/Mac OS
  • High-quality PBT & Side-transparent Pudding Keycaps in GK7 Profile
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65% Hotswap Keyboard with a Rotary Knob

The SKYLOONG GK6 Plus is an elegant yet compact keyboard that bridges the gap between functionality and aesthetics. As a 65% keyboard, it provides the ideal balance of compactness and usability, offering ample space for alphanumeric keys, along with a section for arrow and a few function keys. This makes it an excellent choice for users seeking a clutter-free desk setup without compromising on functionality.

Note: Hot-swappable for Gateron / Skyloong 1-pin Optical switches only. Not compatible with 3-pin & 5-pin mechanical switches.

Pudding Keycaps with GK7 Profile

The SKYLOONG GK6 Plus also features pudding keycaps with a unique GK7 profile. Pudding keycaps are essentially a two-layer design, with a translucent lower layer that allows light to shine through brilliantly. The top layer is made from PBT and is where the key legends are located. This combination creates a beautiful "pudding" effect when the RGB lighting is enabled, thus providing a stunning light display on the keyboard.

Pre-lubed Optical Switches

The Gateron Optical switches and Iceberg optical switches that come with the keyboard are 1-pin switches. Unlike the traditional mechanical switches, the optical switches are triggered by laser though the contact point. In this way, they can last longer than general mechanical switches. Being factory lubed, the Optical switches can present better sounds and pro-long the life span. With the keyboard of GK6 Plus, there are linear blacks, yellows and reds as well as tactile browns and clicky blues for choosing.

1.6M RGB Backlights

The SKYLOONG GK6 Plus shines brilliantly, boasting an astounding 1.6 million color RGB backlight system. This not only enhances the visual aesthetic of the keyboard but allows for a high degree of personalization. The 1.6M RGB backlights of the GK6 Plus can be set to display a single static color, breathe in and out in a soothing rhythm, cascade like a rainbow wave across the board, and so much more. You can even set the keys to react to your typing or the music you're listening to, creating a dynamic light show that's as unique as you.

Programmable & Compatible with Win/Mac OS

The GK6 Plus keyboard is designed for compatible with both Win and Mac OS. With the software, you can create macros and remap the keys and even the knob freely. The built-in flash memory makes sure to save the setting at offline mode. No worries of losing it.

Technical Specifications

Skyloong GK6 Plus
Yes, with optical switch only
Case Material
ABS plastic
Keycap Material
PBT Pudding
Keycap Profile
Type-C Wired Only
302mm * 130mm * 41mm
about 0.67kg
Inside the box

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