Epomaker VIAL Adapter

VIA/VIAL Adapter for Mechanical Keyboard

  • Make your Keyboard Programmable by VIA/VIAL
    • Note: Epomaker VIAL Adapter is not compatible with Everglide keyboards.

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Connect Your Keyboard with VIA/VIAL

Epomaker VIAL adapter allows all keyboards to use a USB cable. Simply connect it with your keyboard - even when the keyboard does not support VIA/VIAL originally - and plug it to your computer, then you can open the VIA to "remap" the keys easily.

Make Different Keyboards Programmable

The VIAL Adapter is designed to accommodate different keyboards in different layouts. You just need to carry one Type-C cable around with you.


  • All changes are saved in the VIAL Adapter. When the keyboard is unplugged with the adapter, the keymap returns to the original.
  • The VIAL adapter is fully compatible with full-size keyboards. As for keyboards in other layout or size, i.e. 65%, 75%, 1800 compact, etc., remapping keys on special positions, such as knobs, may get unsuccessful.
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    Customer Reviews

    Based on 9 reviews
    Hun Je Kim
    Epomaker Vial Adapter

    it was really good and exactly fit what i thought. good enough for office usage

    Lars Foldager
    Works great

    I use it with a Unicomp keyboard, and am able to reassign keys, add macros etc.
    Just figuring Vial out, so not sure how to change the layout yet

    this is a greate small device

    I am very satisfied

    Very underrated

    Its a very usefull device
    It works as it should but you can't use your fn key unless you change it to the calculator as an example and set this as your layer switch in vial (what isn't possible any better from a technical site). (I will also upload a video on youtube soon)
    all in all this thing is very underrated

    William McGair
    Works, wish it worked better

    I'm trying to use my goto keymapping that I use with other vial boards with this adapter and running into some trouble. I typically use home row LT layer keys where a tap produces the home row letter and a hold switches layers. Works everywhere else, but with this adapter the results are mixed. It works ok sometimes, but it also sometimes drops the home row modifier letter (in my case A & L). This behavior seems to be intermittent. I've messed around with the QMK Tap-Hold settings for an hour or two with no luck. Again, this configuration is working for me on several other boards. I'm wondering if I can reflash it with a new version of vial or something?

    Dear Customer,

    Thank you for your review. We are sorry for not bringing you a happy purchasing experience.

    Please don't worry, we will be fully responsible for it.

    In order to solve your problem in a better way, our team has contacted you through support@epomaker.com, we are looking forward to your reply.

    Have a nice day!

    Best Regards,
    Epomaker Team