Epomaker VIAL Adapter

VIA/VIAL Adapter for Mechanical Keyboard

  • Make your Keyboard Programmable by VIA/VIAL
    • Note: Epomaker VIAL Adapter is not compatible with Everglide keyboards.

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Connect Your Keyboard with VIA/VIAL

Epomaker VIAL adapter allows all keyboards to use a USB cable. Simply connect it with your keyboard - even when the keyboard does not support VIA/VIAL originally - and plug it to your computer, then you can open the VIA to "remap" the keys easily.

Make Different Keyboards Programmable

The VIAL Adapter is designed to accommodate different keyboards in different layouts. You just need to carry one Type-C cable around with you.


  • All changes are saved in the VIAL Adapter. When the keyboard is unplugged with the adapter, the keymap returns to the original.
  • The VIAL adapter is fully compatible with full-size keyboards. As for keyboards in other layout or size, i.e. 65%, 75%, 1800 compact, etc., remapping keys on special positions, such as knobs, may get unsuccessful.
  • Technical Specifications

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    Customer Reviews

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    Good support for ANSI keyboards

    Good support for ANSI keyboards


    Not for ISO or spanish layout

    Dear customer,

    We are so sorry for the inconvenience caused.

    To better solve this case, we will contact you through email.

    We feel so sorry again if it causes any inconvenience brought to you.

    Kind regards,

    Works for the intended purpose

    This works for the intended purpose. It's also nice that it's in VIAL and not VIA (missing some stuff in VIAL too). the build quality is a little bit lacking (the metal shield will come off the male USB end) but for only $20? Not a bad thing to get if you want to remap an old USB keyboard like an original Cherry G80-1800

    Imperfect VIAL... This is VIAl

    After waiting for 3 weeks, the product arrived.

    You can see the great product's appearance, storage case, and the maker's sense of making it easy to open the lid.
    Suspicious of the phrase "fully compatible with 100% keyboards", I connected my old keyboards that had been abandoned due to VIAL.
    They all worked fine.

    I was very happy about that fact, but disappointment came.
    The Tap Dance and Key Overrides features, which I use as essentials, were missing.

    Users who know all the features of VIAL might be a little disappointed with this product.
    If there is firmware support with all functions in the future, this product will be a gem for VIAL users.

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