81 Keys Gasket Tri-Mode VIA-Programmable Mechanical Keyboard

  • VIA Programmable Mechanical Keyboard
  • Gasket-mounted 75% Compact Layout
  • Triple Modes-Bluetooth/2.4GHz/USB-C
  • Aluminum CNC Casing
  • South-facing LED and Dye-sublimation PBT Keycaps
  • Sandwiched PORON Foam & IXPE Switch Cushion
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VIA Programmable Mechanical Keyboard

The VIA programmable feature allows you to customize key functions, macros, and lighting to your liking. You can remap keys, create macros, and even adjust the RGB lighting effects, all through the VIA software. This feature makes the CIDOO V75 mechanical keyboard a great choice for gamers, programmers, and anyone who wants a personalized typing experience.

Gasket-mounted 75% Compact Layout

The CIDOO V75 mechanical keyboard is a high-quality keyboard that offers a great typing experience with its gasket-mounted structure. The gasket-mount structure provides a smoother and more comfortable typing experience by reducing the impact of the keys on the baseplate. The gasket is made of an imported PORON adhesive foam strip, which helps to reduce noise and improve overall typing feel. This feature makes the CIDOO V75 mechanical keyboard a great choice for anyone who spends long hours typing or gaming.

Triple Modes-Bluetooth/2.4GHz/USB-C

The CIDOO V75 mechanical keyboard features triple modes-Bluetooth, 2.4GHz, and USB-C connectivity - for versatile and convenient use. The Bluetooth and 2.4GHz modes allow you to connect to multiple devices, while the USB-C connection ensures a stable and fast connection to your computer. Whether you're a gamer, programmer, or just looking for a reliable keyboard that can easily connect to multiple devices, the CIDOO V75 mechanical keyboard is the perfect choice for a versatile and personalized typing experience.

South-facing LED and Dye-sublimation PBT Keycaps

The CIDOO V75 mechanical keyboard also features south-facing LED and dye-sublimation PBT keycaps for a sleek and stylish look. The south-facing LED design allows the light to shine through the bottom of the keycap, creating a vibrant and uniform backlighting effect that enhances the overall appearance of the keyboard. The keycaps are highly durable and provide a long-lasting design that won't fade or wear down over time. Additionally, the keycaps are designed to provide a comfortable typing experience, with a smooth and stable surface that ensures accurate and responsive keystrokes.

Hot-Swap Socket Support 3-pin/5-pin switches

With a hot-swappable socket, the Kit enables you to DIY your own keyboards. You can decide how your keyboard looks, types, and sounds on the different switches you chose based on your preference. With north-facing LEDs, the light will illuminate your keycaps better and the RGB effects shine brighter.

Sandwiched PORON Foam&IXPE Switch Cushion

For a comfortable and enjoyable typing experience, V75 keyboard includes a sandwiched PORON foam, IXPE switch cushion and bottom foams. The PORON foam layer provides a soft and supportive base for your fingers to rest on while typing, which helps to reduce fatigue and increase accuracy. Additionally, the IXPE switch cushion helps to dampen the sound of each keystroke, making the keyboard quieter and more pleasant to use. This combination of materials provides a smooth and comfortable typing experience that is perfect for long typing sessions.

Metal Rotary Knob with RGB Light

The metal rotary knob with RGB light of the CIDOO V75 mechanical keyboard provides both style and functionality. It allows for easy volume and brightness adjustment while adding a unique and personalized look to your setup. The RGB light can be customized to your liking, allowing you to choose from a variety of colors and lighting effects. This feature adds a unique and personalized touch to the keyboard, making it stand out from other mechanical keyboards on the market.

Technical Specifications

Mount Type
Gasket-mounted with imported Poron adhesive foam strip
Bluetooth & USB-C wired & 2.4Ghz wireless
Battery capacity
South-facing RGB
PCBA screw-in stabilizer
PC flex-cut mounting plate
Single-sided and five-sided dye-sublimation PBT keycaps
  • PCB Poron foam
  • IXPE Switch Sheet
  • Bottom switch socket Poron Foam
  • PORON bottom foam
  • Cable
    1.6m Type-C braided cable
    Case material
    Powder-coating CNC Aluminum
    330mm x 145mm x 35mm
    Inside the box
    • CIDOO V75 Keyboard
    • Keycap/switch Puller
    • Instruction Manual
    • USB Cable

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 6 reviews
    Beckett Phillips

    I went from a cheap computer to this one so you can imagine the difference is crazy. I can say the build quality is amazing things a brick so you won’t worry about breaking it. If your looking for a reliable amazing sounding keyboard this is the one.

    Lee Tee
    Impressive quality

    Matte switch is a really good.
    Cidoo alu case with hi quality paint job,
    The sound is gentle with the default keycap.
    I replaced the keycap with asa profile, and even more better sound.

    Pateras Parthenios
    Insane Value for Money

    After an extensive search, I've ultimately settled on acquiring the Cidoo V75, and let me tell you, this keyboard is an absolute game-changer.

    The build quality and the array of features it offers (including VIA key remap) are insane for its price point. It effortlessly holds its own against keyboards that are priced at $300 or more. With all its components including the stabilizers and switches remaining completely stock, at the present moment, it is EASILY the best-sounding keyboard you can get for that amount of money. There is no question about it. Also, the package arrived precisely on the promised day, devoid of any issues,

    I highly recommend this keyboard, Epomaker is onto something big here...

    Cidoo V75

    I’m not really a super big keyboard fanatic, but I love this. The build quality is great, it was heavier than I thought, so I’m not worried about it physically breaking. The sound of the keys are awesome, I would describe them as a clacky sound. I picked 75% size since I need those arrow and function keys as a software engineer, but at the same time I like to keep it minimalistic too so it’s a good balance. I’ve had it for about 2 months and so far no issues. The only thing I would say is that if you need this to be a portable keyboard it’s def not a good idea because of how heavy it is.

    One of the best keyboards you can buy

    The sound is fantastic. For this price range this is one of the best keyboards out there if not the BEST ever at the current time period. It sounds perfect. Everything is lubed, crisp and smooth. Keycap quality is also insane as well as the keyboards build quality itself. It feels very premium. There is nothing much to add here. No need to think either. One of my best purchases in the last years! Would like to thank Epomaker for the fast delivery also.

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