2022 January February Epomaker Keyboard Reviews: EPOMAKER LITE, NT68, TH66, ACR98

2022 January February Epomaker Keyboard Reviews: EPOMAKER LITE, NT68, TH66, ACR98

by Freya Tong on Apr 08, 2022

(Image credit: Will Judd)
'The Epomaker Lite, aka the Skyloong GK61S Lite is a supremely quiet 60 percent size mechanical keyboard with a stylish look. The soft key feel is down to the keyboard's unique 'shallow gasket' design, which places a 2mm silicone pad between the keyboard's metal plate and the PCB. This gives every key a soft landing, and together with sound absorbing foam drastically cutting the noise that normally accompanies typing on a mechanical keyboard. '
by Will Judd
on Jan. 7th, 2022
(Image credit: Mack Ashworth)
'With the Lite keyboard, Epomaker is implementing a 'patented shallow gasket design.' Initially, I didn't notice the kind of flex that is expected from a gasket-mount setup. However, after loosening the screws on the board a few rotations each, the movement became apparent. It seems like the screws are just too tight from the factory, essentially removing the impact of the 'shallow gasket' that Epomaker uses here. An O-ring mod on the screws may enhance the flex even more. '
by Mack Ashworth
on Jan. 11th, 2022
(Image credit: Hrvoje Smoljic)
'The real magic of NT68 is its versatility in terms of connectivity. It offers a Type-C wired connection but you can also use Bluetooth 5.1 to connect to up to three different devices, making it the perfect traveling companion. The keyboard remembers the connected device and the connection is absolutely rock-solid and reliable to a standard Bluetooth range. There’s functionally no input delay when using Bluetooth for typing and you should even be fine using it for casual gaming.'
by Hrvoje Smoljic
on Feb. 7th, 2022
(Image credit: Neet Blog - R)
'TH66 フレームが半透明になっており、中の白い土台部分が透けているのがいい感じ!... よく見るとキーキャップの色も違い全部で3色のカラーで配置されています。「ESC」「スペースキー」「ENTERキー」は濃いめの黄色になっているのがアクセントになっていて良いと思います。...右上のボリュームボタンはひねるときにコリコリ感があって気持ちいいです。...左shiftキーにはロボットのアームのようなイラストがプリントされています。'
Translation for Reference:
'The TH66 frame is translucent, and it's nice that the white base inside is transparent! ... If you look closely, the colors of the keycaps are also different, and they are arranged in all three colors. I think the accent of "ESC", "Space key", and "ENTER key" is that they are dark yellow. ... The volume button on the upper right feels crunchy when twisted. ... An illustration like a robot arm is printed on the left shift key.'
by Neet Blog - R
on Feb. 22nd, 2022
(Image credit: Krista Noren)
'Traditional keyboards come in three different variations: full-size (104 key), tenkeyless (87 key), or 60% (68 key). Whether or not you like a certain style will usually come down to two factors: whether or not you like the numpad, and whether or not you like F keys. Epomaker's latest keyboard makes a very slight compromise in the way that the ACR98 still rocks a numpad, but a handful of directional keys have been omitted in order to make for a more compact board. It also differentiates itself by rocking an acrylic case, the latest Epomaker trend. '
by Krista Noren
on Feb. 20th, 2022

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