Lofree Dot Liquid Foundation

75% Gasket Mount Hot-Swappable USB-C / Bluetooth 5.3/ 2.4GHz Mechanical Keyboard

  • 84 keys, compact layout
  • Dual-Color Keycaps & Gasket Structure
  • Bluetooth 5.3 Wireless/Wired Keyboard With 4000mAh Battery
  • Supreme Comfort with Poron & IXPE
  • Colorful LED Backlights
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Elevate Your Typing Experience with Elegance

Discover the elegance of the Lofree DOT Liquid Foundation Mechanical Keyboard! Featuring an exquisite Liquid Foundation design, this keyboard is crafted to enhance your sense of beauty and combat the monotony of everyday life. Let your fingertips dance across the keys, creating a symphony of inspiration with every stroke. An ideal addition to elevate any desk setup!

Dual-Color Keycaps & Gasket Structure

Our keyboard boasts a state-of-the-art dual-color keycap process, delivering not only a stunning aesthetic but also superior durability. Coupled with the advanced Gasket structure, it provides an exceptional typing feel that is both smooth and responsive. The hot-swappable feature adds to the customization, allowing you to easily change switches without soldering.

Supreme Comfort with Poron & IXPE

Designed in favored 75% compact layout with a KNOB-RECCAZR KW75 DIY kit saves more desktop space while retaining the functions of a full keyboard. With upgraded software, the customized keyboard allows to program of the RGB backlight effect and the function of the rotary knob, and remap keys.

Colorful LED Backlights

Illuminate your typing experience with our LED single-color backlight, supporting seven dynamic lighting effects. This feature not only adds to the visual appeal of your workspace but also enhances usability in low-light conditions. Customize the lighting to suit your mood or environment for a truly personalized experience.

Versatile Connectivity & Compatibility

Our keyboard is equipped with Gateron Foundation switches, offering a unique and comfortable typing experience. With triple-mode connectivity, including Bluetooth 5.3, wireless 2.4G, and wired Type-C, it seamlessly adapts to your lifestyle. Whether you're using Windows, Mac, Android, or Harmony OS, our keyboard ensures flawless compatibility and performance.

Technical Specifications

Keys Number
Battery Capacity
USB-C / Bluetooth 5.3/ 2.4GHz
Product Size
Inside the box
  • 1 x Liquid Foundation DOT Keyboard
  • 1 x Cleaning Brush
  • 1 x Type-C Cable
  • 1 x 2.4G dongle
  • 1 x User Manual


Customer Reviews

Based on 1 review
Carolyn Wang
Beautiful aesthetics but missing some key touches considering the price

The DOT Foundation is a beautiful keyboard if you’re looking for this specific aesthetic, however there are a few areas that are missed opportunities especially for the price point.
Performance: relatively quiet keyboard with a lot of built in sound dampening, Bluetooth and USB C works well (I didn’t test the 2.4GHz)
Design: Gorgeous color way and transparent frosted design. Case doesn’t sound hollow. They clearly put a lot of work into all the design elements including color-matched silicone gaskets, case silicone, customized switches, silicone feet, cable, dust brush etc, in addition to the keycaps and case. The packaging and unboxing were gorgeous and custom as well.
Stablizers. They are plate mounted with some of the worst ticking and rattling on the space bar I’ve ever experienced short of being on a bargain basement blue switch gift with PC purchase keyboard from a big box store. The backspace was mushy & overlubed with globs of lube on the PCB that needed to be cleaned off. The space bar stabs had some lube from the factory, but it was gritty or chunky and clearly not doing its intended job. I ended up removing both the backspace and space bar stabs to clean, wire balance, and relube them (no enter or left shift stabs since those are 1.75u on this keyboard). The stabs feel ok at best now, but I might buy a 3rd party set to replace them - they are that bad.
Switches: The other area that could be improved are the linear switches which are a custom version of the Gateron Baby Raccoon switches noted on the Lofree website, but are just called Foundation switches on the Epomaker website in a colorway that matches this keyboard. I have a set of the actual Baby Raccoons as comparison point, and these Foundation switches are definitely a lighter actuation weight. They also have a significant amount of stem wobble, which when paired with the tall custom keycaps on this keyboard, gives the whole keyboard a rather loose or slightly rattly typing feel. They didn’t include any extra switches, and since these are a custom and not sold standalone on the market as far as I am aware, and this keyboard has only one color RBG (warm white) with translucent plate, case, and keycaps, whatever switch you use will definitely impact the look of the RGB. If any switches fail in the future, you’d have to replace with a different switch type which will likely not be an exact color match and that will impact the look of the RGB and make it inconsistent with adjacent keys. I have seen sub-$100 prebuilt keyboards include 2-3 extra switches, so it feels really off that Lofree wouldn’t include a few extras here for a $200 keyboard.
RBG - pretty limited in terms of effects; only has 1 color (warm white)
LEDs - north facing so you may run into inference issues if you try to use cherry profile keycaps on this kb.
Feet - the color match is a nice touch, it would have been nice if they were removable or adjustable.
Keycaps - the matching custom keycaps that come stock are beautiful and feel of good quality, and likely a major reason why most people would choose this specific keyboard. That being said, if you ever do want to try other keycap sets on it, please note that this keyboard has unusual key sizes of 1.75u for the Enter and left shift (typically 2.25u) and all of the mods along the bottom row are 1u with a 6u space bar. It uses a 1.75u right shift which is fairly standard in most 65 / 75% keycap sets, but typically only the Caps lock key is also 1.75u, so you’ll run into issues if your keycap set doesn’t have extra 1.75u keys to swap in for the LS and Enter. Also, most keycap sets also come with 6.25u space bars and you’d need to buy an extra space bar kit to try to get a 6u centered sb. Some keycap sets also only include enough 1u mods for the right of space bar, not for both sides at 1u vs. 1.25u (most common for the mods on the left of space bar). Net-net, if you plan to use this with your own keycaps, cross check for compatibility as it’s highly likely it won’t have all the correct key sizes.
Accessories: comes with a dust brush and color matched cable.
Case - snap together plastic, no visible screws. You’ll need pry tools to open it for any modding.

Hopefully, LoFree can improve on some of the lower hanging fruit (providing extra switches, QC on the stablizers) which I would expect for this MSRP going forward.

All that being said, it’s a very pretty and unique looking keyboard. Buy it for the aesthetics if this is your thing, but be aware of the quirks noted above.