CIDOO Nebula

65% VIA-programmable Wired/Wireless Mechanical Keyboard

  • 65% Space-saving Layout
  • VIA-programmable & Hot-swappable
  • Rotary knob for easy control
  • Multiple connectivity options: Bluetooth, 2.4Ghz, and Type-C
  • Dye-sub PBT keycaps for durability
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Popular Space-saving 65% Layout

The CIDOO NEBULA is a cutting-edge 65% mechanical keyboard that offers the perfect blend of form and function, optimized for both Windows and Mac users. Its compact 65% layout keeps the essentials, incorporating alphanumeric keys, commonly used modifiers, arrow keys, and a few additional control keys, making it perfect for space-conscious setups without sacrificing functionality.

VIA-Programmable & Hot-swappable

Forget limited customization options. The CIDOO NEBULA also has a VIA-programmable feature. This open-source software offers an intuitive interface for real-time customization without requiring any coding skills. With our VIA-compatible PCB, you can reconfigure keys, create macros, choose different RGB lighting patterns and even remap the knob’s functions with ease. The power to personalize is at your fingertips!

Triple Connectivity for Maximum Flexibility

The CIDOO NEBULA has inherited its pioneers that support connection via Bluetooth or 2.4GHz for wireless connectivity, and low-latency input with type-C Wired connection. The Bluetooth connection allows us to enjoy a clutter-free workspace and the freedom to type from distance, while the 2.4GHz connection benefits from a strong and stable wireless connection without the delays or dropouts. It’s Ideal for casual browsing or taking the keyboard on the go.

South-facing LED RGB Backlight & Dye-Sub PBT Keycaps

Illuminate your typing experience with vivid, south-facing LED RGB backlighting. Designed to provide a more uniform lighting effect, you can choose this dynamic feature to cycle through a variety of colors and patterns, enhancing your workspace ambiance. As to the tactile experience, the CIDOO NEBULA features high-quality Dye-Sub PBT keycaps, ensuring that your keys won't fade over time. The material offers a tactile, textured feel that is durable and made to last, adding another level of sophistication to your keyboard setup.

Gasket mounted with Flex-cut FR4 Mounting Plate

Experience the unparalleled comfort and acoustic benefits of a gasket-mounted keyboard. The CIDOO NEBULA features a Flex-cut FR4 mounting plate that adds a unique level of flexibility to each keystroke. This design reduces typing fatigue and offers a softer, more cushioned bottom-out feel, while also significantly dampening sound.

Specifications for Custom Switch
CIDOO Carda Switch
  • Type: Linear
  • Lubricating: Pre-Lubed
  • Spring: L=18mm
  • Durability: 60 millions Times
  • Upper Housing: POM
  • Total Travel: 3.50±0.3mm
  • Bottom Housing: POM
  • Operating Travel: 2.00±0.5mm
  • Stem: UPE
  • Operating Force: 52gf
  • Actuation Force : 60gf Max
  • Technical Specifications

    CIDOO Nebula
    Keys Amount
    66 Keys + 1 Knob
    Type-C Wired, Bluetooth 5.0 & 2.4GHz
    Keycap material
    Dye Sublimation PBT
    Keycap Profile
    Switch Included
    CIDOO Carda Switch
    Gasket Mount
    Gasket Material
    Case Material
    ABS Plastic
    PCB Thickness
    Plate Material
    Battery Capacity
    Anti-Ghost Key
    NKRO in all modes
    LED Direction
    325 x 120 x 40 mm
    Inside the box
    • 1 * Keyboard
    • 1 * USB Cable
    • 1 * 2.4G Receiver
    • 1 * Instructional Manual

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 1 review
    2nd cidoo and will be purchasing more!

    Let me start with saying that this is my second cidoo keyboard. Both of which are plastic. My first one was an AMB066, ergo. I placed some keycaps into that one and it sounded really nice. I figured it had to do with the ergo laydown. NOPE! I don't know what cidoo does to make their barebone keyboards sound so nice out of box but I literally ALMOST had to do no modding. I have the cidoo mint swtiches in this keyboard which I would also HIGHLY recommend those. The only complaint I have.... if you think that you're going to get into this keyboard.... good luck.... I had to open mine because my switches weren't fully seating into the pcb and half the keyboard wasn't working. THAT WAS A NIGHTMARE! And there is no tuts on how to do it. The plastic of this keyboard is so soft and light weight but that lends itself to chipping easily. After about an hour of fussing I finally got the keyboard to open without luckily breaking anything. I got everything seated, shut it all back up, and have 0 intentions of opening it again. Overall though, if you can avoid that, I'm very happy. And I would highly recommend this and many other cidoo products to those that are looking for a great keyboard on a budget.

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