Ajazz AKL680

65% Low Profile Bluetooth5.1/2.4Ghz Wireless Dual Connections Mechanical Keyboard

  • 68 keys, compact layout
  • Low Profile Version
  • Bluetooth 5.1/2.4GHz Wireless
  • ABS Plastic Shell
  • Windows/Mac OS Compatibility
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White Blue
Blue Black
Blue White
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AJAZZ AKL680: Sleek, Portable Design

The AJAZZ AKL680 is a marvel of portability and sleek design, weighing approximately 450g with dimensions of 342mm in length and 116mm in width. Its lightweight and compact size make it an ideal travel companion, easily fitting into backpacks and briefcases for on-the-go productivity.

68-Key 65% Layout: Compact and Efficient

Embrace the efficiency of the 68-key, 65% layout of the AJAZZ AKL680. This layout saves up to 30% more space compared to traditional 104-key keyboards, providing a streamlined and minimalist setup without sacrificing essential functionality.

Dual Mode Connectivity: Versatile and Reliable

The AJAZZ AKL680 offers exceptional connectivity options with its dual-mode feature. Choose between Bluetooth 5.1 and 2.4GHz wireless connections for a stable and flexible typing experience. Powered by 2 AAA batteries (not included), it ensures compatibility with a wide range of devices including desktop computers, laptops, iPads, and smartphones.

Huano Low Profile Switches: Thin and Responsive

Experience the next generation of mechanical keyboards with the AJAZZ AKL680's Huano low profile switches. These switches maintain the classic mechanical feel but are significantly thinner and lighter, offering a comfortable and responsive typing experience without the bulk of traditional mechanical keyboards.

Smooth ABS Keycaps

The AJAZZ AKL680 is equipped with high-quality ABS keycaps, known for their smooth and delicate texture. These keycaps enhance the overall typing experience, providing a comfortable and satisfying touch with each keystroke.

Windows/Mac OS Compatibility with Easy Switching

Designed for versatility, the AJAZZ AKL680 is compatible with both Windows and Mac OS. The keyboard features a simple switch mechanism, allowing you to effortlessly transition between operating systems, making it a flexible choice for diverse computing environments.

Technical Specifications

Approx. 450g
Shell Material
ABS Plastic
19 Keys Rollover
Powered by 2*AAA Batteries (Not Included)
Lighting Effect
No light
68 Keys 65% Layout
Transmission Mode
Bluetooth 5.1/2.4GHz Wireless
Supported Systems
Windows, MacOS
Inside the box

Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Racheal Wilson
Keyboard AKL680

It is alright just the keys are not the best and got no rgb led lights

Great keyboard

I just wish it came with a USB-C cable 😔

Sam Welborn
Considering the price, pretty good

I bought this a while back because I just needed ANY keyboard as my main board broke and I didn't have the time/money to replace/fix it. When I saw the price of this I was very skeptical but figured it had to at least be better than your typical e-waste rubber dome keyboard and I liked that it didn't have a ridiculous gamer aesthetic like a Red Dragon or something.

I got mine with red switches, which are nice and smooth with no scratchiness and acceptable amounts of wobble. The larger keys are well stabilized and none of them rattle. The general build quality doesn't exactly impress, but it also doesn't feel notably bad. The keycaps are nice for the price, you could easily spend the price of the whole keyboard on a set of Low Profile keycaps, so that is pretty impressive. Not a huge fan of the colorscheme, wished they just did a monochrome theme, but I guess they just HAD to see if they could fool a few people into thinking they are buying a Keychron?

Don't buy this one for the sound. It isn't offensive or anything but it doesn't sound satisfying. Again, though, at this price you can't really count that against it.

The 2.4ghz wireless connectivity is good, I haven't messed around with the bluetooth but unless you are using this on a mobile device I see no reason to bother, but it is a nice option.

This worst part about this keyboard and many others in the price range is that it uses AAA batteries. This wouldn't be such a huge deal, but it doesn't even have a USB port so you can't plug it in if your batteries die. So whatever money you would save by buying this, you will lose overtime by buying batteries. That makes it hard to recommend unless you already have rechargeable batteries. If it had USB it would be an easy recommendation.