NiZ Plum 2020 Ver.

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35g Electro-Capacitive EC Keyboard

The NiZ Plum keyboards combine the silent operation of a rubber dome keyboard with the reliability and tactility of a mechanical keyboard. The construction consists of a rubber dome that houses a slider, over which is a coiled spring and a printed circuit board. 35 g pressure switches gives you a gentle feeling, mechanical players can add 10g spring to increase the percussion.

Full Key Programmable

If you want to adjust the layout, feel free: It’ s programmable and macro-compatible as well. Each key can be macro defined and individually customized. Built with the latest USB-C connection, it’s fast and efficient.

Adjustable Trigger Key Stroke

Trigger keys of the newest versions of the keyboard can be switched back and forth between 2mm and 3mm. In order to make the keyboard stable and reliable, NIZ integrates this function into the programming software, hiding the five level 0.1mm fine-tuning file, After adjusting the trigger key, the firmware will be written and the reboot will still exist to avoid the trouble of reset.

Laser-engraved PBT Keycaps and More Details

Outfitted with durable PBT keycaps, the board is durable and resistant to the oils that build up from your fingertips over time. Two stage support leg structure and high damping anti-skid pad. Key line separation structure, three - way outlet groove cable through the place of fillet treatment, to prevent scratch cable.

12 Months Warranty Guarantee

Each of our products come with a 1 year warranty to guarantee your satisfaction and the quality of our products. We want you to feel confident knowing that your new keyboard will last a long time. Please feel free to contact us anytime and we promise a reply within 24-hours.

Technical Specifications

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Customer Reviews

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Typing on a cloud

One of my favorite keyboards! I type the fastest and most accurately with this keyboard and it's definitely my go to for any long writing sessions I need to do. Would definitely recommend if you need to do any long periods of typing or if you are in a field that uses your keyboard a lot. Maybe wouldn't recommend this for gaming specifically unless you like keys that will actuate without much force. Other than that it's great! Definitely appropriate for any office settings as well as it doesn't make much noise.

Jiachen Xiang
Great typing experience

I am addicted to EC switches after my first Niz

Dustin Zuo

NiZ Plum 2020 Ver.


I got my keyboard yesterday, and I used it for a day. There are a few things that make me confused:

1. I bought the 2020 ver of 84 Triple Mode. When I opened the parcel, the manual was not in the product package, it was in the outside plastic bag. And it was for the 2023 ver, not the 2020 ver, which is strange to me.
2. There were a couple of yellow stains on the keyboard's white case, but I wiped them off with a wet wipe, doesn't matter.
3. The keys were misaligned when I first used it. For example, the left win and Alt keys and the right alt and ctrl were reversed, so I had to restore the keyboard to factory settings.
4. I use a USB adapter to link to my computer, when my computer goes into a long hibernation to wake up, the keyboard loses the link and I have to restart the Bluetooth function of the keyboard to continue linking to my computer.

Overall, this is a good keyboard with a great typing experience. But the one I received makes me confused and I have to wonder if my keyboard has been used by anyone before

Kevin Wang

I received wrong item and returning process handled poorly

Dear customer,

We sincerely sorry about the issue you met.

To better solve this case, please contact our support team via

Please don't worry, our teams will follow it and assist you to get the parcel.

We feel so sorry again if it causes any inconvenience brought to you.

Kind regards,

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