Epomaker GK96S

$199.00 $84.15

96% 100 Keys Hot-swap RGB Wireless/Wired Mechanical Keyboard

Preordered GK96S keyboards will be available for shipping in one week after the order is placed
  • PBT Or ABS keycaps for your choice
  • Left-handed (Southpaw) Version Available
  • Hot-swappable Mechanical Yellow/Silver/White/Green Switches
  • Equipped with Bluetooth 5.1 for up to 3 devices
  • Powerful 4000 mAh long-lasting battery
Keyboard :
Keycaps & Case :
Switch :
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Compact keyboard with Numpad

Compared to the ordinary keyboards, the Epomaker GK96S was born to free up your desk, saving 35% more space as well as providing a better portable experience without compromising on the perfect tactile typing experience. Its lightweight body is constructed from high profile materials to maximize durability and tactile satisfaction. 

Dual Wireless or Wired Modes

Equipped with the latest Bluetooth 5.1 chipset, the GK96S can connect up to 4 devices simultaneously, while switching seamlessly between screens by simply clicking on the hotkey. The dual system layout provides dedicated Mac and Windows keys, so you can easily use the shortcuts for a comfortable and smooth typing experience on all your laptops, tablets, smartphones, and Apple devices.  Beyond just a keyboard, the GK96S is ready to boost your productivity and let your creativity flow with ease. Multitasking has never been so efficient!

Long-lasting Battery

The GK96S harbors one of the largest batteries to be featured in Bluetooth mechanical keyboards. Its powerful 4000 mAh long-lasting battery means you can type confidently for days and nights without worrying about losing power. From now on, never break your intuitive workflow for battery issues.

Left-handed (Southpaw) Version Available

The left position numpad is perfect for those who would like to use the number pad and the mouse at the same time, Moreover, this is ideal for people who use the numpad for longer periods, such as for data entry or excel. We wanted to make this another level of customizability on your GK96LS. We aim to provide the best typing experience for everyone.

Fully Programmable

Except for the Standard Mode, all the rest are fully programmable. The non-programmable Standard Mode will be your solid backup in case you get lost in the codes and settings. Meanwhile, you can remap and program your keyboard according to your needs for faster and easier use by using the other modes. The three Onboard Modes with pre-set layouts ensure that you can easily customize your keyboard in your style based on the device you use, even if you are new to remapping a keyboard. 

Driver download link: https://epomaker.com/pages/software-downloads
Please note that SOME GK96S keyboards are currently under Pre-order status. The shipment will be done in two weeks after the order placed. Thank you very much!

Select the best switch for your style.

Before choosing what type of mechanical or optical switch, we need to understand it is mostly about preference. You need to look into what will work best for you and what you will use your keyboard for the most. Our Epomaker GK series, and some of our other keyboards allow for hotswappability. This means that even if you dislike the current switch you bought, you can swap it to another switch. Which switch you can swap to depends on your keyboard type.

96%, 100 Keys
Keycaps Material
PBT or ABS keycaps
Keycap Profile
  • PBT keycaps: GK1
  • ABS keycaps: OEM
  • Connectivity
    Wireless with Bluetooth 5.1 and wired mode
    Wired Connection
    Battery capacity
    16M RGB
    • Keyboard
    • USB-C cable
    • Keycap Puller
    • Switch Puller
    • Instruction Manual

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 182 reviews
    Solid entry in Mechs

    First mechanical keyboard I've bought, feels strong and tough, very customizable but kind of hard to do since i think the software app is a bit heavy for a beginner and really not straightforward enough, we'll see how things go if there's an update to make it more user friendly but for what it is it feels like a very solid build, if there were more left-handed keyboards i'd have a look around for one with easier customization in current models.

    Hardware is good, software is so-so

    The build quality is pretty good, without any extra lubing the keystrokes actually feel really nice and tacky. However, the software used for this KB is not the best of convenience to use, UI and UX are very annoying, and there's no option to turn it on on PC start-up within its own software. But the other options are pretty nice.

    Christopher M.
    Love the Layout, Quality 8/10

    Love the layout and quality overall is pretty good. Had some troubles with the hot swappable key switches, namely the spacebar was annoying (would not go all the way back up) and seems to be because it is part of it's own backplate and the plate was slightly malformed from getting the keyswitch off or something. Overall would recommend.

    Good but not fully customizable

    I was excited to get the GK96LS as there appeared to be very limited options of keyboards that had the num pad on the left side. This was also my first mechanical keyboard so I wasn't sure what to expect in terms of the sound and feel of the typing experience and have no reference to compare to other keyboards, switches, etc. I went with brown switches and it did seem quite loud at first use but I put a mat underneath and installed O rings and mass loaded vinyl which made a notable difference. I'll eventually try silent switches but I have no complaints with it now. The build quality is good. It seems sturdy and reliable.

    My only complaint is with the key programming. For the southpaw version, you have to press the function key to use the up arrow. The default for the key is "/" and shift + the key for the question mark. I tried to use the programming software to have the up arrow be the default key since I use it far more than the other two. However, it doesn't have the question mark as an option in the program so you can't change the key command without losing the ability to use the question mark completely. I contacted support who confirmed it's not possible to program it the way I would like. To their credit, the person I emailed was responsive and did seem to put good effort into figuring out a solution. This is disappointing but not a complete dealbreaker. Hopefully they can come out with a software update so the keyboard truly is fully customizable. But I'm still pleased with my purchase overall and would recommend it to someone considering it.

    Markus Graf
    Good hardware, poor software!

    The keyboard is gratis but the Software is very buggy and complicated. The driver under windows would not autorecognize the board at startup and only applies the customization after you start the software and connect manually

    Dear customer,

    We are so sorry for the issue you met.

    We will share this matter with our team and hope that the software will be easier to use in the future.

    We feel so sorry again if it causes any inconvenience brought to you.

    Kind regards,


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    Product Questions

    How to choose different switch options?

    To choose the suitable switch, it depends on the scenario you use the keyboard and your preference on the typing experience. Here is our helpful guide for your reference: View our Switch Selection Guide

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    For manuals and software, you may find it in this link: software downloads page

    Are there any keyboard with layouts other than ANSI (US Layout)?

    As the ANSI is one of the most popular layouts around the world, our keyboards are following this trend for now. For other layouts, we will try our best to make them available on our website in the future.

    I want to make myself a DIY keyboard. Where can I find some help?

    You may join our Discord to ask for assistance: Click here to Join