Firstblood ONEONE Switch Tester

  • Transparent Case
  • with Built-in Battery
  • Switch Included and Replaceable
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Let’s meet ONEONE!

Introducing ONEONE, the adventurous and playful IP Cartoon Switch Tester who just happens to be a boy! ONEONE loves nothing more than indulging in his favorite treat - ice cream - and exploring new ideas and concepts. He's not afraid to take risks and try new things, even if they don't always go as planned.

Transparent Case, Unique Design

With his built-in Ice Sea Elf switch and vibrant RGB lighting, ONEONE brings a touch of magic to your typing experience. And his unique design, featuring a soft rubber headphone, keycap hat, illuminated switch body, and shoes, will brighten up any workspace and elevate your typing experience to a whole new level of fun.

Switch Included and Replaceable

ONEONE's modular design allows you to take out and replace the switch body with other types of switches to customize your typing experience. You can create a setup that's truly unique and tailored to your individual preferences.This gives you the freedom to customize the sound and feel of your typing experience to your personal preferences, making it a truly unique addition to your setup.

A Must Have for Home/Office

If you're looking for a switch tester that's not only practical but also fun and playful, look no further than ONEONE. Join his community of fans today and discover the joy of typing with a touch of magic

Technical Specifications

Firstblood ONEONE Switch Tester
Battery included
Default Switch
Ice Sea Elf switch
Inside the box

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