65% Aluminum VIA Hot-swappable Keyboard Kit

GB Period: From 8th Sept to 8th Oct, 2023

Shipping ETA: Around the end of December, 2023

  • Space-saving 65% Layout
  • VIA Programmable
  • Aluminum Case
  • Bridge Gasket Mount
  • PC and FR4 Plate
  • Support Screw-in Stabs
  • Support South-facing Switches
  • More Colors Available
  • Note: Type 65 comes with unassembled barebones kit, and some has a choice of the combination of barebones kit and keycaps. Switches are NOT included.

    Pearl Lilac
    Midnight Blush
    Shadow Azure
    Golden Umber
    Desert Rose
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    Space-saving Aluminum DIY Keyboard Kit

    Epomaker Type 65 is a custom mechanical keyboard kit with many creative ideas. The keyboard is the popular exploded 65% layout to be compact yet retaining all necessary keys like arrows and cursor keys.

    The Aluminum case makes sure to maximize stability and the typing experience. Compared with plastic cases, mechanical keyboard enthusiasts often prefer the premium aluminum body for its durability as well as the satisfying typing feel and sound that no plastic case can reproduce. The frames are design at a certain angle to adapt the keyboard itself to an ergonomic design.

    Innovative Bridge-gasket-mount & PC Plate

    The very feature of Type 65 that stands out among the common gasket-mount keyboard is that the gasket structure has been modified to a “bridge-gasket”. This structure has greatly increased the flexibility and of the mounting plate. By adding the Z-shape bridge, the typing feel can be softer and more bouncing with every key stroke.

    The PC plate is firmly built and it is more suitable to the flexible gasket mount keyboards. The PC plate is introduced to reduce cling-clang sounds that are often caused by metal plates, offering a pleasing typing acoustic atmosphere and tactile experience.

    Fully Programmable by VIA

    As a customized keyboard, the Type 65 supports programming by VIA, which brings more possibilities to play with the keyboard. For those who are not used to the compact layout or need to add more functions, remapping the keys by VIA without re-flashing the firmware is a nice choice. With an on-board memory, you can save the changes on board, and be worry-free about losing your saved memory while unplugging and re-plugging the keyboard.

    Hotswappable & Screw-in Stabilizers

    The PCB of Type 65 is hot-swappable with 3-pin and 5-pin mechanical switches. You can change the switches at will without soldering issues. The keyboard comes with screw-in stabilizers to be an end-game board. Being finely tuned, the stabilizers are offering a top smooth typing feeling and sound. The wire ends and the Nylon housings are completely matched to avoid contacts that usually cause metal noises.

    For South-facing Switch & Multiple Noise-Dampening Foams

    Type 65 is not equipped with LEDs, but the PCB is for south-facing switches to meet the long-term request from our community. The south-facing switches can avoid the interference between the cherry-profile keycaps and switches that is often caused by north-facing switch installation.

    In the meanwhile, we have also made a lot of efforts in reducing the unpleasant sounds from key strokes. The keyboard comes with a bottom sheet, a foam under the PCB, a switch pad and a PCB foam to mute the possible noises from keystrokes.

    Detachable Alu Badge & Type C Connection

    Type 65 includes a detachable 2-u Alu badge on the right. If you want to add more keys like PgUp and PgDn, you can take off the upper case, unscrew the badge and install two more keys in the same place. With the help of VIA, you can set the outputs you like to the new keys.

    To stay a fast and stable transmission, the keyboard is connected by a detachable type-C cable. More than that, the keyboard is designed with adjustable feet to be more suitable for typing habits. You won’t feel tired even after long time using it.

    Technical Specifications

    Epomaker Type 65
    Keys Amount
    65 + 2 Keys
    Case Material
    Stabilizer Type
    PCB Type
    Hotswap (5-pin & 3-pin) PCB (ANSI/ISO)
    Plate Material
    PC, FR4
    Type-C Wired
    Anti-Ghost Key
    4.25 degrees
    Spacebar Size
    Inside the box
    • 1*Keyboard Kit (Case, PCB, Mounting Plate, Stabilizers, dampening Foams)
    • 1*Type-C cable
    • 1*Keycap Puller
    • 1*Switch Puller
    • 1*Manual

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