65% Hot Swappable 2.4Ghz/Bluetooth/USB-C Wired/Wireless Keyboard

  • ANSI layout, 65% Keyboard with Shine-through Pudding Keycaps
  • Type-C Wired, Bluetooth 5.0 & 2.4GHz Wireless Modes Available
  • Gasket-Mounted & PC Plate
  • Hot Swappable 3/5Pin Mechanical Switches
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68 Keys 65% Compact Layout

EPOMAKER TK68 custom triple modes mechanical keyboard is designed in a favored compact 65% layout to maximize the function while not waste a minimum of space. This layout is widely used and loved by the community and TK68 will surely beyond your expectation with the hot swappable socket and programmable software, amazing RGB backlights.

A Gasket-Mounted Mechanical Keyboard

Gasket mounting is a type of keyboard mounting, where no screw holes are drilled into the switch plate. Instead, the switch plate is wedged in between the case layers and PCB through the support of rubber strips, or gaskets. Compared to a top mount system, a gasket-mounted keyboard has a cleaner sound profile because the gaskets cushion the shock of each keypress. Gasket-mounted keyboards also give a softer typing experience, which helps avoid hand fatigue for those who type for long periods. Thus, EPOMAKER TK68 will be a good choice if you prefer a softer long period typing.

Three Modes of Connectivity: Bluetooth 5.0 & 2.4GHz & Type-C Cable

Equipped with a 2500mAh large capacity battery, this keyboard supports wireless and wired connections. By the wireless option, either Bluetooth (up to 5.0) or 2.4GHz can be chosen. By the wired mode, macro can be programmed to better fit your typing habits. The modes can be easily switched by Fn+Q/W/E(Bluetooth) / R(2.4GHz) / T(USB Wired).

Hot Swappable PCB, Compatible with 3Pin/5Pin Switch

EPOMAKER TK68 keyboard is equipped with hot swappable PCB to ensure free replacement or change of switches. You don’t need to solder it. It is compatible with most 3 pin and 5 pin mechanical switches, such as Cherry, Gateron, Otemu, Kailh and other MX switches and its clones.

Acrylic Translucent Case & Pudding PBT Keycaps

RGB backlight is always considered as one of the important elements for mechanical keyboards so we add a few twist to TK68 keyboard. Apart from a double shot pudding keycaps set to shine through the RGB backlight, we also adopt transparent/translucent case and a circle of bottom RGB lights to maximally show off the lights. The keyboard will be fully surrounded by amazing RGB effects.

Technical Specifications

65%, 68 Keys
Mechanical Switches
Shine-through Pudding Keycaps
Case Material
Plate Material
Yes, 3/5 pins
Stabilizer Type
Bluetooth 5.0, 2.4 GHz and Type-C
Battery Capacity
Polling Rate
  • 1000hz in Wired & 2.4G mode
  • 125hz in Bluetooth mode
  • N-Key Roll Over
    329*119*30 mm
    About 0.76kg
    Inside the box
    • Keyboard
    • Instrusction Manual
    • Type-C Cable
    • 1*2.4G receiver
    • 1*keycap/switch puller

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 6 reviews
    Luca Portacci
    Great Keyboard and very helpfull support team!!!

    love how the led´s shine on this keyboard!!
    It sounds very good as well!!
    The support of Epomaker are super nice, had a lil problem with something and they helped till everything was fixed!!

    Prateep Siri-issranan


    It has defect.

    It’s not assembled well. There is a gap between acrylics because the gold thing is not inserted properly. Can’t believe Epomaker make this pass the quality check. I want a replacement or partial refund.

    Dear customer,

    We sincerely apologize to the issue you met.

    To better solve this case, could you please kindly contact our support team via support@epomaker.com?

    Please don't worry, we will take responsibility and give you a better solution.

    We feel so sorry again if it causes any inconvenience brought to you.
    Kind regards,
    Epomaker Team

    Louise Marie Tumabang


    Valid option

    I originally had an rk61 and this is a great upgrade from that. The frosted case makes the RGB look great but I am waiting on them to release the software for customization outside of the shortcuts. The budgerigar switches feel much better than the linear switches I came from but I don't have much experience in the field. As far as I can tell the gasket mount is almost doing nothing but that's not a dealbreaker for me. I have had a total of two issues since receiving the keyboard some hours before writing this. The left control key had some odd problem where it would make a creaking noise and feeling which also affected the surrounding keys. I was able to mostly resolve that problem but it still creaks if I push down harder than a light keystroke. The other issue I have noticed is that the "i" key is sometimes unresponsive unless I press down extra hard, and reseating the keycap hasn't changed that but maybe reseating the switch underneath will, I haven't tried. I have not tried Bluetooth but the 2.4ghz wireless is finicky so I would just recommend staying wired. The stabilizers seem to be working as intended as there isn't any rattling as far as I can tell. I am looking forward to what this keyboard may become after the software is released.
    Overview: The keyboard is a great option at the price point and outside of some minor issues with my specific keyboard, there aren't many flaws.

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