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Epomaker has packed the hot-selling items in a mysterious box for you - at a super discounted price! 

Package 1 Latest Package 25%Off: EK75 VIA DIY Kit + PeaceLily Switches

The Latest kit and the latest switches 

Original Price: $174.98

Now: $130.99

Package 2 Compact yet Flexible 15% Off : Cidoo V65 Pro + Cidoo V21

Original Price: $188.99

Now: $160.66

Package 3 Cutie Package 10% Off : 

EPOMAKER Cream Bunny Keycaps Set + Epomaker Mix Pro cable

Original Price: $61.98 

Now: $54.99

Package 4 Switches Mix Test Package 25% Off : 

Epomaker Flamingo Switches 1 Box + Wisteria Switches 1 Box + Epomaker SeaSalt Silent

Original Price: $44.97

Now: $32.99

Package 5 Switches Mix Test Package 25% Off: 

Dawn Pink 1 Box + Epomaker Tecsee Oreo Switch Set+ KTT Strawberry 1 Box

Original Price: $45.97

Now: $33.99

Package 6 Switches Mix Test Packages 25% Off:

Shadow Black Switches + KiiBOOM Rose Pink Switches + Epomaker Tecsee Ice Grape Switch Set 

Original Price $41.97

Now: $30.99

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