61 Keys Hot Swappable Programmable Mechanical Keyboard

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    60% layout, 61 keys, custom Mac graphics
    Ergonomic design, no feel fatigue after long term use
    Bluetooth 5.1 wireless/wired dual mode (AK61S only)
    Hot swappable Gateron optical switches
    16.8million RGB backlights, compatible with Mac&Win
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Better Design for Mac/Win Users

Following the previous successful model SK61, EPOMAKER has made some improvements based on real customer feedback. Thus we designed this new AK61/AK61S with custom Mac layout and functions for Mac users. Simply press FN+W/E to exchange between Win and Mac system. Extra keycaps for Mac are included. Change the system but with the same supreme experience.

Hot Swappable Gateron Optical Switch

To achieve ultimate experience, AK61/AK61S adopts the renowned Gateron optical switches which is also hot swappable for this keyboard. The hotswap feature has been quite popular among players. It provides more options and fun to custom your unique mechanical keyboard. With it, you can easily replace with other Gateron optical switches without soldering problem.

Three Layers Programmable&NKRO

Despite the three layers programmable mode, FN1/FN2/FN3, all kinds of keyboard key function could be set through driver, macro record, personalize your own function keys as you wish. Onboard flash memory unit could save the configuration to the keyboard if offline. The AK61/AK61S is N-key rollover, freely enjoy it without any conflict while pressing multiple keys.

PBT Thermal Sublimation Keycaps&Ergonomic Height

We believe that details could make a brand. So we have strictly select the PBT material for keycaps, which is proved to be sturdy and oil-proof even after long time use. The letters won’t fade away. Ergonomic angel won’t make you feel tired. The keyboard stands out also because of its dustproof mainboard design. It’s practical and unusual. 

Bluetooth 5.1 Wireless/Wired Keyboard (AK61S only)

A wireless and wired keyboard could be so much useful no matter for office or for home. Bluetooth 5.1 ensures fast and stable function. You can connect up to 3 devices simultaneously. It also supports both Win&Mac layout, no worry of the compatibility. Moreover, equipped with the Type-C cable provides stable and fast connection. It is a perfect companion for both work and game.  

16.8 Million RGB Backlight&Music Rhythm Effect

RGB is such a cool element while playing games. AK61/AK61S fully knows your needs and thus this model is equipped with RGB SMD light. More than 16.8 million lights are available. Hundreds of lighting effects are available for download and we continue to update it to the latest. In music rhythm mode, the light will move with the music rhythm, simply press FN+[{ four times to start this mode.

Three Layers Programmable Modes

User Defined Mode

  • Press FN+W, W white light will turn on, and then you are in onboard layer-1 to customize your keyboard; press FN+W again to back to normal keyboard

  • Mac OS Mode

  • Press FN+E, E white light will turn on and then you are in onboard layer-2, Mac OS keyboard mode, press FN+E again to back to normal keyboard

  • FNX Adjustable Function Define Mode

  • Press FN+R, R white light will turn on, and then you are in onboard layer-3 to customize your keyboard; press FN+R again to back to normal keyboard
  • Note: The hotswap feature only apply to Gateron optical switches

    Technical Specifications

    Number of keycaps
    Gateron Optical Switch
    USB Type-C on keyboard, Regular USB on PC
    PBT + ABS
    1.5m USB Cable
    System Support
    Windows /Android/Mac OS
    Anti-Ghost Key
    RGB backlight
    292 * 104 * 45mm
    Inside the box
    • Keyboard
    • Type-C Cable
    • Instruction Manual

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 4 reviews
    Great keyboard for the price, but a little loud

    I got the AK61 with the Gateron optical yellows and it is a great feeling and sounding fully built keyboard for just around 30 dollars. However, some of my family members have complained about the keyboard being too loud when I type on a daily basis, and the Gateron yellows are really light. Like really light.

    Sergi Alvarez
    Great keyboard for a great price!

    I was waiting to get this keyboard for such a long time, my main interest was on testing the brows gateron switches. And turns out they feel better than the cherry ones! I was also surprised to see the switches lubricated and the default stock keycaps look amazing, so didn't even though on finding new ones for it. The only complain is that sometimes the keyboard gets stuck and need to reset to get it working again (maybe once a week), afaik this bug happens on bt and non-bt models. But as long as its a software bug and not happen frequently it's not a big issue. Great choice!

    Great 60 Percent Keyboard

    I’ve been very pleased with my purchase. Though the case is entirely plastic, it feels very solid. The PBT keys have a great texture and feel, and the heavier, linear Gateron Black optical switches provide the sound and smooth feel that I wanted. They keys are impervious to light, though, so the backlight only illuminates the space between the keys.
    I use my AK61S with my old iPad Pro and, unlike many other keyboards, the bluetooth connection has been very dependable. I also very much appreciate the Apple-style modifier keys. The keyboard lacks flip-up feet to alter the angle at which it rests but that’s not a big problem because of the angle of the keyboard case itself. The function key is well-positioned so it is easy to use the secondary arrow function despite the lack of arrow keys. I do miss the ‘Delete’ key but if I wanted that, I shouldn’t have gotten a keyboard with a 60 percent laybout.
    The only real con was the price. Including shipping and taxes, the total cost was C$146 – which is about the same as a Durgod Taurus K320 or just slightly less than a DROP ENTR on Amazon Canada, if you’re into TKL keyboards.
    Pros: sold feel, dependable bluetooth, nice keycaps, smooth optical switches
    Cons: cost, no shine-through for the keys
    Bottom Line: I love the keyboard and am very happy with my purchase.

    Good for the price, but some short comings

    It's an overall solid keyboard, RGB and PBT keycaps at a relatively low price. However, the PBT keycaps are subpar quality. After only a few weeks of ownership, the WASD keys are beginning to fade rather rapidly. I doubt the keycap lettering will last very long.

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