Epomaker Silicone GK2 Keycap Set

84 Keys GK2 Profile Silicone Full Keycaps Set

    GK2 Profile Keycaps Full Set
    Three Color Schemes for Your Choice
    Full Size Set, Suitable for ANSI Layout
Green Gray Orange
Blue Pink Olive
Black Gray Red
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Silicone & ABS Base Keycap

The GK2 keycaps are made through special double-shot molding using medical-grade silicone that is safe and won’t fade with time. In addition, you can easily replace the keycaps on your keyboard without any tool. We have made it as easy as simply replacing your phone case!

Patented GK2 Profile

The GK1 PBT keycaps have shown high preference on our previous Epomaker GK96S keyboards. Now, we are excited to release the new GK2 silicone keycaps. The GK2 is the world’s first and most innovative keycaps constructed from textured silicone to provide a unique typing surface for your fingers.

Cherry MX / Gateron / Kailh Box Switch Available 

The Epomaker Silicone GK2 Keycap set is compatible with "+" switches like Cherry MX, Gateron, Kailh Box, etc. You can put a single keycap to decorate your keyboard, or equip them with your arrow keys, or other DIY way you want. 

84 Keys Set

This one can be a perfect replacement set for most 84-key popular keyboards among the market. Get it bargainly and get it wisely, you won’t be disappointed.

Technical Specifications

Number of keycaps
Silicone, ABS Plastic Base
Black Gray Red, Green Gray Orange, Blue Pink Olive
Inside the box

Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Hazel Yago
They make any keyboard "thock" and surprisingly pleasant to type on.

The downside is they're a huge dust magnet. Oh, and they smell like rubber straight out of the box. Eventually fades though.

Still though, as someone who's got naturally long nails, this makes typing so much more comfortable.

Not sure how long they'll last but for now, I'm enjoying the sound and feel these keycaps bring. I actually wish there were more options for silicone keycaps.

Matt Harrington
False advertisement

I was shipped a 61key set and after opening a ticket with support. After being asked to send in pictures of what was delivered, then circling on a picture of an 84 key set in the same color as I chose to show what keys I was missing they said another department notified them it was a 61key set and was my misunderstanding that this is not an 84key set. Nowhere in the listing does it state this is anything other than an 84key set. They shipped me an inferior product and told me its my misunderstanding. Pictures show 84 key set in the black/red/gray color note the three trays of key caps and full size bottom right modifiers in this screenshot that they are telling me do not exist.

Dear customer,

We were deeply sorry for bring you any inconvenience and causing trouble in this case. Please accept our sincere apology.
We will take responsibility for it and give you a better solution.
In addition, if you have any suggestions for us to make up for this case, please feel free to contact support@epomaker.com directly.

We feel so sorry again if it causes any misunderstanding for you.

Kind regards,
Epomaker Team

Barnaby Brewer

Like it :)

Clark Miller
Feels healthier than plastic

These are really nice but i would like it better if the lettering was shine through. At least I don't need to worry about getting plastic in my blood with them

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