EPOMAKER NEXT TIME Skyline 20% Numpad Kit

20% Hot Swappable 2.4Ghz/Bluetooth/ USB-C Wired Numpad DIY Kit

  • Hotswap PCB, compatible with 3/5-pin mechanical Switch
  • Triple Modes-2.4Ghz Wireless/bluetooth/USB-C Wired
  • EVA Bottom Cotton&Factory-lubed Stabilizer
  • Amazing RGB Backlight&Music Rhythm Mode
  • Detachable USB type-c cable
Frosted White
Clear Purple
Milky White
Light Purple
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20% 19 Keys Mini Numpad with Allumen Plate

For keyboard community, trying different layouts of keyboards are so much fun and sometimes you may need a numpad if your keyboard does not offer a numerical pad. EPOMAKER Next Time Numpad comes in handy when you want to insert numbers. Included software enables further macro recording and RGB settings. A numpad, small body but big function.

Triple Modes-2.4Ghz Wireless/bluetooth/USB-C Wired

Designed in triple modes makes this mini numpad more appealing. Fast 2.4Ghz and wireless Bluetooth connection make connection like a piece of cake, no more bulky cables while we also included a type-C cable as back up when you run out of battery. Triple connectivity, triple possibility.

EVA Bottom Cotton & Factory-lubed Stabilizer

For ultimate smooth typing experience, this numpad kit is equipped with a EVA bottom cotton, along with a mute cotton layer to maximum decrease hollow sound. It also come with factory-lubed stabilizers and supreme Allumen plate for durability.

Hot Swappable PCB, Compatible with 3Pin/5Pin Switch

EPOMAKER Skyline Kit is equipped with hot swappable PCB to ensure free replacement or change of switches. You don’t need to solder it. It is compatible with most 3 pin and 5 pin mechanical switches, such as Cherry, Gateron, Otemu, Kailh and other MX switches and its clones.

Amazing RGB Backlight & Music Rhythm Mode

Features RGB lighting with 16.8 million LED colors, rhythm, and sound lighting combinations, with additional key-programming and macro-creation for three definable layers. With 16.8 million colors in RGB lights, you can download additional lighting effects to the library and easily use them through the lighting effects driver. Simply connect the keyboard using the USB cable to access effects and software updates. Our database is constantly updating with different lighting effects. Enjoy a more immersive and colorful typing and gaming experience.

Tips on Using the Fn Key

  • Holding BackSpace for 2s = Fn
  • FN+1: Short press to device BT1; Long press to pairing mode
  • Fn+2: Short press to device BT2; Long press to pairing mode
  • Fn+3: Short press to device BT3; Long press to pairing mode
  • Fn+4: Short press to 2.4G; Long press to pairing mode
  • Fn+5: Wired mode
  • Fn+ "-": Backlight brightness -
  • Fn+ "+": Backlight brightness +
  • Fn+ "*": Toggle backlight effects
  • Fn+ /: Change backlight colors
  • Fn+NUM: Backlight on/off
  • ESC: Holding 5s to reset the numpad
  • Technical Specifications

    Next Time
    Skyline 20%
    Number of keys
    19 keys
    Hot Swappable
    Yes, 3-pin & 5-pin
    USB-C Wired / 2.4Ghz, Bluetooth Wireless
    Working current
    Product weight
    Product dimension
    About 93mm*138mm*29mm
    Inside the box
    • Next Time Skyline 20% Numpad
    • USB Cable

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 5 reviews
    How to connect?

    NO where on internet on how to connect this thing in wireless mode? Didn't tell me what device i should see on my screen about the name of the device


    Thank you for leaving a review here.

    The connecting instruction is at the bottom of this page:

    Hold BackSpace for 2s = Fn
    FN+1/2/3: Short press to device BT1/BT2/BT3; Long press to pairing mode

    If you have met any problems about the keyboard, please feel free to contact us by emailing to support@epomaker.com and attaching your order number. Our support will be happy to help you out.

    If you have other thoughts on the product, feel free to leave a review here.

    Thank you for your understanding.

    Kind regards,
    Epomaker Team

    problems with software

    Chrome and windows defender hates this file.
    Any help on updating it?

    Nextime skyline 20% Numpad kit

    Stock stabs are pretty ok but the case can't be opened... Contacted the customer service team and they asked me to try pry it open but its a hassle to do so... Haven't opened it til now. Not good sounding stocked too.

    Leon Koper
    Really bad connectivity

    For this Price its a terrible numpad, the software doesnt work and the reach of the wireless connection is 40cm at max before it starts having a 2 second input lag. Really disappointed in this.

    Jason Cox
    Contains Malware

    Can’t configure anything via PC because the config software is flagged as malware.


    Thank you for leaving a review here.

    We are so sorry for the issue you met. The software is safe to use so you can ignore the malware notice from the PC.

    If you have met other problems when using the keyboard, please feel free to contact us by emailing to support@epomaker.com and attaching your order number and a video to show the issue. Our support will be happy to help you out.

    Thank you for your understanding.

    Kind regards,
    Epomaker Team

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