75% 82 Keys Gasket Hot Swappable Bluetooth 5.0/2.4GHz/Wired Mechanical Gaming Keyboard DIY Kit

  • Gasket-mounted structure with hot swappable PCB
  • Triple modes: Bluetooth 5.0/2.4GHz/Type-C wired
  • 10000mAh built-in batteries & 16.8M RGB backlight
  • EVA & Poron foams for absorbing sound
  • Knob control for volume/play/pause function
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Upgraded Gasket-Mounted 75% DIY Keyboard Kit

Gasket mounting has become a trendy type recently, where no screw holes are drilled into the switch plate. Compared to a top mount structure, a gasket-mounted keyboard offers better sound profile because the gaskets cushion the shock of each keystroke. Gasket-mounted keyboards also present a softer typing experience, which helps avoid hand fatigue for those who type for long periods. Like its predecessor, FEKER IK75 V5 kit features favorable Gasket structure in a functional 75% layout to bring you an ultra experience.

Triple Modes: Bluetooth 5.0/2.4GHz Wireless/Wired

More than being wireless, we make this kit in triple modes, that is to say, the latest Bluetooth 5.0 technology and ultra-fast stable 2.4GHz wireless, plus Type-C wired mode. Moreover, the supportive software can be used either under the type-C Wired mode or 2.4Ghz mode. Triple modes will be accommodating a variety occasions, such as trip, office, home...no more bulky accessories and no more be bothered by terrible transmission..

Hot Swappable PCB & Lubed Stabilizer

FEKER IK75 kit adopts a hot swappable PCB that can work with most 3pin/5pin switches, such as Cherry, Gateron, Kailh, AKKO, Otemu...Hot swappable PCB means that you don’t need to solder the switch and it makes it easier for those who love different types of typing experience. Moreover, the Stabilizer are pre-lubed in factory so you don’t need to spend time lubing it. Get it and customize it right away.

10000mAh Large Capacity Battery & 16.8M RGB Backlights

FEKER IK75 V5 is equipped with two 5000mAh battery for ultra long-lasting performance. No more worries of battery shortage while on trip. Total 10000mAh battery will last quite long time as expected. Checking the battery status is also available in this upgraded version. 16.8 million RGB lights are perfect for more customization. Just feel free to enjoy cool RGB effects without any worries.

EVA & Poron Foam Dampeners

To achieve ultimate performance, FEKER IK75 V5 features three different layers of EVA & Poron foams to absorb sound while typing and also reduce shallow sound of bottom case. A normal PC plate are included in the kit for further customization.

Technical Specifications

82 Keys
Triple modes
Yes, 3-pin & 5-pin
Polling Rate
Plate material
Stabilizer type
Cotton layer
Poron foams added
10000mAh rechargeable Li-ion battery
Cable Length
293.5*103.5*42.3 mm
FN Keys Combination
  • Ctrl+Alt+Q: Reset
  • FN+F1: My computer
  • FN+F2: Desktop
  • FN+F3: Calculator
  • FN+F4: Player
  • FN+F5: Last song
  • FN+F6: Next song
  • FN+F7: Play pause
  • FN+F8: Pause
  • FN+F9: Mute
  • FN+F10: Volume -
  • FN+F11: Volume +
  • FN+F12: E-mail
  • FN+` : Color changing
  • FN+1: Bluetooth No.1
  • FN+2: Bluetooth No.2
  • FN+3: Bluetooth No.3
  • FN+4: 2.4G
  • FN+I : Print
  • FN+O: Scroll
  • FN+P: Pause
  • FN+Win: Win Lock
  • FN+Space: Turn on/off backlight
  • FN+APP: Changing Decorative light
  • FN+↑: Brightness +
  • FN+↓: Brightness -
  • FN+←: Light speed -
  • FN+→: Light speed +
  • FN+Del: Switch backlight mode
  • Inside the box
    • Keyboard Customized Kit (Case+PCB+3*Mute Cotton+Stabilizers+1*Positioning Board+2*Batteries)
    • Type-C Cable
    • 2.4G receiver

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 4 reviews
    Drivers ?

    I bought it for my first board, and was very happy. Nice quality for the price, really. The only thing that blocks me is the fact that there's no drivers that actually detect your board, and as my keyboard layout isn't the same as before, I'm happy I knew my old layout by heart because I can't remap anything... I've been waiting for months now, hoping for a driver update but nothing... I will recommend this board only the day when the drivers will work

    Dear customer,

    Thank you so much for your comment.

    We sincerely apologize to cause any confusion and inconvenience brought to you.

    As the software has created troubles for keyboard users, we will test and fix the problem first and re-upload the software on our website.

    Thanks again for your feedback and support.

    Kind regards,
    Epomaker Team

    It's fake

    It's not a real Feker IK75. You can get the exact same keyboard on alibaba for half the price. The writing and instructions are all in Chinese and it doesn't say ik75 anywhere on the box. I wanted to get a refund and they told me there would be a 35% restocking fee. Epomaker ripped me off and I will never ever buy anything from them again

    Brayden Fehr
    A really solid keyboard

    I just built this as a Christmas gift for my wife and she absolutely loved it. The whole assembly clips together, but it is quite snug and doesn't rattle at the clips. That silicone pad on the bottom is pretty substantial and adds a lot of heft to the board.

    I installed epomaker flamingo switches and it sounds really nice with them.

    My only complaint would be that the knob I was sent with it appears to be too big. It neither clicked or spun properly, so I stuffed a little paper into it to allow it to grip onto it's post. All in all not a huge deal to work around. Given that was the only issue I'd highly recommend this kit.

    Cynthia Dietz

    FEKER IK75 V5 Kit

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