75% 82 Keys Gasket Hot Swappable Wired Mechanical Gaming Keyboard DIY Kit

  • QMK&VIA supported, programmable kit
  • Gasket-mounted structure&hot swappable PCB
  • 16.8M RGB backlight
  • Three different layers of EVA foam for absorbing sound&two different materials of plates
  • Knob control for volume/play/pause function
Milky White - Shine-through
Frost Black - Shine-through
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QMK/VIA Programmable

Being QMK/VIA programmable literally means more possibilities if you are not used to current set up. This newly launched version is designed based on previous IK75 V3. This custom made barebone kit is designed by and for coders, programmers and developers and anyone who loves to change things up. QMK and VIA Programmable Macro keymapping allow you to configure it to your own personal requirements.

Gasket-Mounted 75% DIY Keyboard Kit

Gasket mounting is a type of keyboard mounting, where no screw holes are drilled into the switch plate. Compared to a top mount system, a gasket-mounted keyboard has a cleaner sound profile because the gaskets cushion the shock of each keypress. Gasket-mounted keyboards also give a softer typing experience, which helps avoid hand fatigue for those who type for long periods. FEKER IK75 V3 kit features favorable Gasket structure in a functional 75% layout to bring you ultra experience that nothing else can compare.

Hot Swappable PCB & Lubed Stabilizer

FEKER IK75 kit adopts a hot swappable PCB that can work with most 3pin/5pin switches, such as Cherry, Gateron, Kailh, AKKO, Otemu...Hot swappable PCB means that you don’t need to solder the switch and it makes it easier for those who love different types of typing experience. Moreover, the Stabilizer are pre-lubed in factory so you don’t need to spend time lubing it. Get it and customize it right away.

NKRO & 16.8M RGB Backlights

Feker IK75 V3 kit is a premium gaming mechanical keyboard kit, with features normally reserved for products selling at much higher prices. Featuring 16.8M RGB backlighting and various light effects, NKRO, 100% Anti-ghosting, this feature-packed keyboard has no drawbacks.

EVA Foam Dampeners & Two Different Plates

To achieve ultimate performance, FEKER IK75 V3 features three different layers of EVA foams to absorb sound while typing and also reduce shallow sound of bottom case. A normal steel plate and a PC plate are included in the kit for further customization.

Click here to download the JSON file.

Technical Specifications

82 Keys
Type-C to USB connection
Cable Length
293.5*103.5*42.3 mm
FN Keys Combination
  • Ctrl+Alt+Q: Reset
  • FN+F1: My computer
  • FN+F2: Desktop
  • FN+F3: Calculator
  • FN+F4: Player
  • FN+F5: Last song
  • FN+F6: Next song
  • FN+F7: Play pause
  • FN+F8: Pause
  • FN+F9: Mute
  • FN+F10: Volume -
  • FN+F11: Volume +
  • FN+F12: E-mail
  • FN+` : Color changing
  • FN+1: Bluetooth No.1
  • FN+2: Bluetooth No.2
  • FN+3: Bluetooth No.3
  • FN+4: 2.4G
  • FN+I : Print
  • FN+O: Scroll
  • FN+P: Pause
  • FN+Win: Win Lock
  • FN+Space: Turn on/off backlight
  • FN+APP: Changing Decorative light
  • FN+↑: Brightness +
  • FN+↓: Brightness -
  • FN+←: Light speed -
  • FN+→: Light speed +
  • FN+Del: Switch backlight mode
  • Inside the box
    • Keyboard Customized Kit (Case+PCB+Mute Cotton+Stabilizer+Positioning Plate)
    • Type-C Cable
    • 2-in-1 puller
    • 1*Manual

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