EPOMAKER Custom Umbral Deskmat

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Supreme Material Composition

The Umbral Deskmat is constructed with a perfect blend of thick rubber and fine cloth. The thick rubber base ensures a firm grip on any surface, preventing any undesired movement during intense gaming sessions or fervent typing. On the other hand, the fine cloth surface provides a smooth glide, enhancing mouse and keyboard operation for both daily use and high-speed gaming endeavors.

Generous Dimensions

Measuring 900*400mm, this deskmat provides ample space to accommodate your keyboard and mouse, offering a seamless operation area that caters to both minimalistic and elaborate desk setups.

Intricate Circuitry and Switches Odyssey

Adorned with a meticulously crafted circuit diagram and two iconic switches pattern, the Epomaker Umbral Deskmat is more than a functional accessory; it's a statement of your passion for the mechanical keyboard world. The design resonates with the essence of keyboard engineering, making it a chic and insightful addition to your desk.

Superior Performance & Aesthetically Pleasing

Engineered to optimize your keyboard and mouse movement, the smooth cloth surface ensures precise tracking and easy gliding, while the anti-slip rubber base keeps the deskmat firmly in place. The subtle yet intricate design complements a variety of desk setups, adding a touch of sophistication and a reflection of your penchant for the finer details.

A Fusion of Elegance and Performance

The EPOMAKER Custom Umbral Deskmat isn’t merely a deskmat; it’s a meld of artistry and performance, destined to elevate your typing and gaming escapades to a realm of unbounded potential. Grab yours and redefine what’s possible with the ideal companion for your desk!

Technical Specifications

about 520g
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