AKKO Sakura

87 Keys RGB Wired Mechanical Keyboard with Acrylic Translucent Case

    Brand-new Sakura Theme Keyboard
    Acrylic Translucent Base Frame
    Customized Gateron Switch
    AKKO Programmable Chip
    Custom PBT Pudding Keycaps
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Brand-new Sakura Theme Keyboard

As pink and pure as the blooming sakura, AKKO newly launched its new series, which is made with a translucent acrylic frame, complemented with a double layer pudding keycaps and lighted up with RGB backlight. Light can light up your life while pink color may enrich it. Simple but bold, AKKO Sakura could be the one you need for your office.

Acrylic Translucent Base Frame

This model comes with a translucent case made with high-quality acrylic material. This form factor could be a good presence for RGB keyboard, lights could shine through the case but not too dazzling since the case is with a well matted texture.

Customized Gateron Switch

Available in two different types of Gateron customized switches, Gateron Pink/Orange switch, you are able to choose any type to best fit your need. Gateron Orange switch feels between Black switch and Red switch, it’s suitable for both gaming and office. While the Pink switch is more Linear feel which is more suitable for typing.

AKKO Programmable Chip

This keyboard is equipped with AKKO chip. It supports full keys macro programming system and software update. You can continuously correct and add new functions to it.

Custom PBT Pudding Keycaps

Even for keycaps, it’s never perfunctory. We strictly select thick PBT material for keycaps and innovatively choose this double-layer so-called Pudding keycaps to fully present stunning RGB lighting effects. PBT material is dry and not easy to get oily. It feels better than general ABS keycaps.

Technical Specifications

Sakura 87 Keys
Wired only
Keycap material
PBT pudding keycaps
Case Material
Customized Gateron Orange or Pink switch
Product dimension
Inside the box
  • Keyboard
  • Keycap Puller
  • Switch Puller
  • Instruction Manual

Customer Reviews

Based on 12 reviews
Trinh Vo
Shipment Never Delivered

Tracking showed my package has arrived in my city for 2+ months but I never received it.


Thank you for leaving a review here.

We are so sorry that you have not received the package. The tracking information shows that the package has been delivered successfully on 19/7. Please check your mailbox if you have one., or check if it is 
received by your family members or your kind neighbors.

Thank you for your understanding.

Kind regards,
Epomaker Team

Nicolette Kuhn
Very fun keyboard for the aesthetic!

This is the second mechanical keyboard I've purchased and I couldn't be happier with it. I live the subtly clicks of the orange switch and the color options on the keyboard are great to play with and switch it up. I work on zoom calls a lot and this keyboard has been a requested show-and-tell a few times. Only thing is I wish there were easier to follow instructions for changing the color and pattern, but I was able to find a youtube video to help with that.

Decent keyboard but not at its price, keys get shiny/slippery

I got this keyboard of amazon about 5 -6 month ago for about 50 dollars.

For that price having cherry switches and full rgb backlight and pudding pbt keycaps it's almost unbeatable, not at a 100.
What I don't like about this keyboard is that after 5-6 month of use the keys are starting to get shiny and slippery (almost like an abs keyboard though not as bad), my gk68 from epomaker that I got 1 and a half years ago feels pretty much the same, the pbt keys are still perfect, not one is slippery/shiny.
I have a picture to show you the difference between an often used key and one I never used (quite hard to tell on camera but I think you can understand without a picture, you can also see the edge of the space bar where the thumbs rest on got shinny, it's the same with all the keys I often use, you just can't tell because of the angle).
The keyboard is heavy but the finishing isn't great, the acrylic isn't perfectly cut on the sides (picture, some sides are better than others), I tried to line them up, you can't, it did make it a little better but the acrylic panels are just not perfectly cut to the size.
Would I get this keyboard again for 50 dollars knowing this ? Probably not as I got the GK68 for 45 or 50 dollars on epomaker that is wireless, has better keys, is hot swappable and that has a better finish (except the space bar on the gk68 that really isn't geat (wobbly.

Marshana Tsinnijinnie

loving the keyboard! in my opinion better than the razer quartz
sound of the keycaps is better and the size of it!!

Love the keyboard

Very beautiful!

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