AKKO 3068 World Tour Tokyo R2

Mechanical Keyboard with PBT Keycaps

  • 65% Compact Layout & RGB Backlight
  • Bluetooth keyboard
  • Exquisite Craftsmanship
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65% Compact Layout & RGB Backlight

As a professional mechanical keyboard creator and manufacturer and based on years of experience, wasting not a millimeter of space, the AKKO 3068 makes excellent use of its small form factor. It houses 68 keys with the most popular 65% layout, compact and portable. RGB is such a cool element while playing games. AKKO 3068 fully know your needs and thus this model is equipped with RGB backlits.

Bluetooth 5.0 Wired/Wireless Dual Mode

Adopting the latest Bluetooth technology, with built-in 1800mAh rechargeable battery, it can last for up to 120 hours when you’re typing and 250 days in standby mode. It can pair with 4 devices at most, simply press FN+E/R/T/Y to exchange between devices.

World Tour Tokyo Scheme

Inspired by Tokyo, this model is perfectly embedded Japanese main elements in its design, like Sakura, Mount Fuji. The Japanese hiragana on the keycaps is more suitable for Japanese speakers. Enjoy the pink and white world with AKKO 3068 mechanical keyboard.

Custom Gateron Switch

Gateron Switch is considered as one of most stable and renowned switch manufacturer among the world, for AKKO 3068 world tour series, we get the Gateron orange/pink/yellow switches to present a supreme performance. No matter you prefer clicky or quiet typing, we cover it all. Get the one type of switch you like and start the mechanical keyboard tour now.

High Quality PBT Keycaps & Programmable with AKKO Macro V1.0

For this model we adopts PBT material, made through a process of dye sublimation, ensures long lifespan without fading away. Not only being N-Key rollover, you can also program the keyboard with AKKO Macro V1.0. It fully meets your customization needs.

Technical Specifications

0.9 kg
315 * 126 * 28 mm
Gateron switches
Three-stage split fitting
68 Keys - PBT Keycaps
Macros, NKRO
Inside the box
  • USB Cable
  • AKKO Keyboard
  • Keycap puller
  • 11 x Replacement Keycap
  • Instruction manual


Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Veronique Nguyen
Great product! Super cute!

Loving this keyboard! The keycaps are so cute and I love the sound of the yellow switches!

Mariel Micael

AKKO 3068 World Tour Tokyo R2

Malika Carper
Good switches, good keycaps, good rgb

Was a bit worried buying this board - this is my first mechanical keyboard, and there was no reviews or videos anywhere online about it. Well, here I am to save YOU from ordering without a decent review. I took the plunge on this board because of how it looks, but I was especially worried how it would fare with the rgb settings. I did not want the stock rainbow. Thankfully, it's really in depth and easy to customize. There are 18 different rgb modes, including 2 different ones that respond to your keystrokes, and 1 that responds to how fast you can type. You can switch some of the settings (the ones you can't switch are rainbow/cycling ones) to whatever colour you like - rainbow, red, green, blue, yellow, orange, pink and white (may have missed one). You can also increase or decrease the brightness of the backlight, and when applicable, you can change the speed of the rgb effects. Unfortunately, the rgb settings do not work in bluetooth mode, which disappoints me, however I don't think it's an issue for me.
The package includes the keyboard, extra novelty keys, a wire keycap puller (that can only seem to pull my keys from an angle), a usb to usb c cable (pink), and a plastic dust cover for the keyboard. Nothing arrived damaged, which I am happy about, however the box was kind of dinged up despite the bubble wrap. The manual is entirely in japanese, which I don't speak, though google translate was able to help me find most of the functions I needed. One thing that suprised me was the keycaps' height - for some reason, I thought they'd all be the same. Unfortunately, putting keys meant for the top row onto the bottom row will produce a very obvious height difference. A bit annoying, but not a dealbreaker. Also, the usb c cable is one that comes folded... so it's hard to get the kinks out, but it doesn't bother me that much. I can also buy a new, or custom, usb c cable for it.
The board has a very nice weight. I personally got the gateron pink switches, and I am very satisfied with how they sound.

Overall, besides the bluetooth/rgb deal, I think this board was an excellent purchase for the money (it was 99 usd when I bought it) and took only 11 days to arrive to canada. I very much like the aesthetic :)