AKKO 3084 9009 Retro
AKKO 3084 9009 Retro
AKKO 3084 9009 Retro
AKKO 3084 9009 Retro
AKKO 3084 9009 Retro

    AKKO 3084 9009 Retro


    84-Key Tenkeyless Mechanical Keyboard

      Retro style keycaps and middle size letters for a vintage look
      Original Cherry MX switch
      85% PBT Keycaps, Including replacement keycaps
      75% layout, 84keys tenkeyless
      N-key rollover, anti-ghosting

    Retro Is The New Fashion

    AKKO is keen to its unique aesthetics and perfection, thus after several versions of 3084 keyboard, here we are bringing you the AKKO 3084-9009 retro style mechanical keyboard, inspired by famous Cherry G80-9009. With the genuine vintage color, slight red and blue, the overall look is quite classic and elegant, an unforgettable color scheme for keyboard.

    75% Layout, 84 Keys

    A 75% layout keyboard will be a perfect size for both gaming and office. While being compact and lightweight, the ultimate tenkeyless keyboard that retains shortcut and arrow keys. Convenient to use and suitable for most people.

    85% PBT Keycaps

    Adopting 85% PBT keycaps, made through a process of dye sublimation, ensures long lifespan without fading away. The included extra retro color keycaps colors are inspired by the classic Cherry keyboard. You can fully enjoy the creativeness from AKKO team. It also has USB Type-C connection.

    Original Cherry MX Switches and N-Key Rollover

    Among so many choices, we adopt the 100% origin Cherry MX key switches to achieve a fast response and ultimate competitive advantage. The durability and stability is ensured with confidence. Feel free to order from AKKO, a professional mechanical keyboard creator and manufacturer, and start your game journey right away.

    Adjustable Feet and Type-C Connector

    This model has 3 levels adjustable feet to allow you to find the best height and set the perfect position for your typing, gaming or programming sessions. The type-C interface ensured fast and stable connection, compatible for most mainstream devices.

    Function list of keys

  • Fn+"F1"="My computer"
  • Fn+"F2"="E-mail"
  • Fn+"F3"="Windows search"
  • Fn+"F4"="Browser home page"
  • Fn+"F5"="Multimedia player"
  • Fn+"F6"="Play/pause"
  • Fn+"F7"="Previous"
  • Fn+"F8"="Next"
  • Fn+"i"="Insert"
  • Fn+"c"="Calculator"
  • Fn+"m"="Volume on/off"
  • Fn+","="Volume Down"
  • Fn+"."="Volume Up"
  • Fn+"Left Win"="Lock Win"
  • Fn+"Right Ctrl(3 seconds)"="Ctrl into Menu"