Ajazz AK966

96 Keys Hot Swappable Gasket 2.4Ghz/Bluetooth 5.0/Type-C Wired Triple Modes Mechanical Gaming Keyboard

  • Gasket Mount Hot Swappable
  • Triple Modes: Type-C Wired, Bluetooth 5.0 & 2.4GHz Available
  • 3 Layer Poron Foam for Sound Absorption
  • Custom Kailh MX Cream Switch
  • 10000mAh Large Capacity Battery & MDA Keycaps

Warm Tip: Make sure the Type-C connector is fully inserted till no metal part exposes, otherwise the keyboard is not connected successfully.

The AK966 software is compatible with Windows system only.

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Gasket Mount Hot Swappable 96 Keys keyboard

Ajazz AK966 is designed in a more compact layout compared with traditional full size. It maintains function keys and also included a separate volume knob for easy operation. Gasket structure and PC plate provide a more soft typing experience. With hot swappable feature, this keyboard would be an ideal one for every occasion.

Triple Modes: Type-C Wired, Bluetooth 5.0 & 2.4GHz Available

The Ajazz AK966 supports connection via Bluetooth or 2.4GHz for wireless connectivity, or with the included Type-C USB cable. With Bluetooth 5.0, it easily connects seamlessly with your devices within 10 meters. The keyboard is also easily switched among the three modes for efficient multitasking and speedy performance.

3 Layer Poron Foam for Sound Absorption

To maximally avoid hollow sound, AK966 adopts three layers of Poron foams in total. These foams are placed respectively at the bottom of the case and between the PCB and PC plate. In this way, the typing sound is more solid and hollow sound is greatly eliminated.

Custom Kailh Cream Switch

Ajazz AK966 features acclaimed Kailh cream switch for the whole keyboard. This cream switch is factory lubed with smooth typing feeling. Made of high quality POM material and metal contact, this 55gf switch provides fast response, efficient operation and enduring lifespan.

10000mAh Large Capacity Battery & MDA Keycaps

We understand your concerns while using a wireless keyboard thus AK966 adopts a built-in 10000mAh batter for up to 1200h standby time with lights off and 50 hours worktime with lights on (based on lab testing). No more worry about running out of battery, simply enjoy. MDA profile PBT keycaps is ergonomic to type. No fatigue even after long time typing.

Tips for Connection

- 2.4G connection: switch the left side button to 2.4G mode and then plug in the 2.4G receiver in your computer

- Bluetooth connection: switch the left side button to Bluetooth mode, long press FN+Q/W/E about 3 seconds to pair; search for AK966 BT5.0 on your device to pair it

- Wired connection: switch the left side button to wired mode and plug the cable in your device

Gateron Raccoon Mechanical Switch
  • Type: Linear
  • Pin: 5 Pins
  • Pre-travel: 2.0±0.5mm
  • Total Travel: 3.6±0.2mm
  • Operating Force: 55±8 gf
  • Spring Length: 20mm
  • Life Span: 80 million times
  • Technical Specifications

    AJAZZ AK966
    96%, 96 keys
    Case Material
    ABS Plastic
    Keycap Profile
    MDA Profile
    Bluetooth 5.0, 2.4 GHz and Type-C
    Battery Capacity
    Gasket Mount
    RGB, 18 light effects
    Kailh Cream switch
    Stabilizer Type
    Product dimensions
    About 1.02kg
    Inside the box
    • 1 * Keyboard
    • 1 * Type-C Cable
    • 1*2.4G receiver
    • 2-in-1 keycap switch puller
    • 1 * Instructional Manual
    • Mac Keycaps (9009 version does not have Mac keys and extra switches)

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 19 reviews
    5-star hardware. 0-star software. Why is the app flagged as a virus?

    The hardware is excellent. The software is lousy though. The app available from EpoMaker fails Windows Defender scan. This file is completely different from the version found on Ajazz's own website.

    When you do launch the software, it always says there's a new firmware available (v1001) but there's no way to download this file or update the keyboard.

    The software has no documentation for the key/layer mapping. It appears to do nothing.

    The hardware is great and I'd give the keyboard 5 stars if they would figure out the software and provide documentation for how to use the software.


    I bought this keyboard a while ago and it is great. The only issue I've had is the LED changing, it's a bit difficult to manage but really isn't a big deal. Otherwise, perfect keyboard, exactly what I was looking for and I definitely recommend!

    Matthew Dunn
    The old school style rocks

    Had this for 2 months, its been great, love the look.

    Jorge Eneas Duarte
    ajazz k966

    beyond the spectations, im very happy with the keyboard

    Was Looking for a Complete Wireless Keyboard

    Review warning: keyboard noob, can only use gaming keyboards as reference.

    Was looking for a wireless keyboard with a numpad but not necessarily full-sized. All the mainstream gaming options were fine, but a bit identical and way more expensive.

    Khail Creams pretty much immediately became my favorite. Smooth and linear and the finest *thock* sound. If there's any anxiety about wireless connectivity, I've had no issues at all, though I haven't tried the Bluetooth, only the included dongle. Perfect as a couch-to-TV keyboard in the living room for me. No idea how the battery is as I tend to use it wirelessly for only less than an hour or two, but I have had zero problems thus far and the sheer weight of the keyboard implies an immense battery.

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