87 Keys TKL Hot Swappable Programmable Wireless/Wired Mechanical Keyboard

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  • Bluetooth 5.1 dual mode, connect up to 4 devices
  • N-key rollover, anti-ghosting
  • 16million RGB lighting effects, available for customizing, updated continually
  • OEM profile ABS doubleshot keycaps, independent arrow keys
  • 3 layer programmable mode
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Tenkeyless Hotswap Mechanical Keyboard

EPOMAKER SK87S ABS is engineered to maximize your productivity with the most popular tenkeyless layout. Moreover, equipped with Gateron Optical Switches it not only ensures durability but also fun elements. Hotswap keyboard allows you to replace it with other optical switches freely without soldering issue. You can fully enjoy the fun of making your own unique keyboard.

Bluetooth 5.1, Connect Up to 4 Devices

This keyboard equipped with the latest Bluetooth 5.1 technology to offer fast and stable transmission. Built-in large capacity 1900mAh battery ensures enough play time, no worries about short of battery. Moreover, you can easily switch between wireless and wired mode with the included USB-C cable, one keyboard but two options.

16.8 Million RGB Backlight and Music Effect

With backlighting that’s implemented with understated functionality for each key in mind, RGB has never been more elegant than on the SK87S ABS. You can also set this kit’s 16.8 million color LEDs to respond to music in musical rhythm mode, or you can use the included software to create your own custom lighting scheme, it’s updated time to time.

OEM Double Shot ABS Keycaps

For SK87S ABS, we go with the popular OEM profile with ABS double shot keycaps. The ABS keycaps are comfortable to touch. This matters because it means the keycaps will last for years. You are fully equipped to crush it both at work and in-game, ergonomic adjustable height design ensures long time use without fatigue.

Win+Mac Supported and Type C Interface

Press keys to easily switch between Windows and Mac layout, detailed Windows+Mac layout meets the needs of each user to work efficiently or gaming/working status switching. Type-c interface ensures stable and convenient connection.

Driver download link:
Three Layers Programmable Modes
User Defined Mode
  • Press FN+6^, 6^ white light will turn on, and then you are in onboard layer-1 to customize your keyboard; press FN+6^ again to back to standard mode
  • Mac OS Mode
  • Press FN+7&, 7& white light will turn on and then you are in onboard layer-2, Mac OS keyboard mode, press FN+7& again to back to standard mode
  • FNX Adjustable Function Define Mode
  • -Press FN+8*, 8* white light will turn on, and then you are in onboard layer-3 to customize your keyboard; press FN+8* again to back to standard mode

  • Note: The hotswap feature only applies to Gateron optical switches

    Technical Specifications

    87 Keys
    Gateron Optical Switch (Blue/Brown//Red/Black Switch Available)
    USB Type-C Wired, and Bluetooth available
    Cable Length
    1.5m USB Cable
    System Support
    Windows /Android/Mac OS
    Anti-Ghost Key
    16 million RGB backlight with music rhythm effect
    OEM ABS double-shot keycaps
    Keyboard Size
    362* 137mm
    Inside the box
    • Keyboard
    • Instrusction Manual
    • Keycap puller
    • Switch puller

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 17 reviews
    Solid for modding - great price during promotion

    I purchased the board during a promotion when it was roughly 42 $ incl. shipping and taxes. This was a good deal as this keyboard is very solid if you are willing to mod the board as it sounds hollow and pingy out of the box. Since it came with optical switches, you can spray lube them with the proper ptfe spray (please don't use WD40 or similar). You need to fill the casing with some dense foam and some loose cloth to get the high pitched and low pitched reverb under control. Slap on some tape mod and you have a solid basis. I switched the keycaps to some SDA and that helps with the sound and typeing feel as well. The one thing that sucks are the stabilizers, even after band-aid modding them, clipping the stabs, inserting the band-aid into the wire receivers and adding a gracious amount of DI-electric grease, they are still rattly. So here you might want to go for some after-market ones. Overall the build came to something of 65 $ and the sound and feel is really good. To the point where I am selling some of my other boards (mind you, some, not all). For the promo price I can recommend it, not sure if I would say the same for the full price. PS: The RGB settings got messed up because I had to factory reset the board at one point and you need the software to fix them and I am not installing them on my computer...

    Awesome BUT

    I fully charged it and I double checked if it's turned off. Three days later after turning it on battery indicator flashes red. I don't want to know how long it lasts when being used. Wireless feature is totally useless. Battery is crap. There's gotta be some drain issue.

    Everything else about it is awesome - switches, price, weight, kickstands, usb c socket, even lubed stabs.

    Battery is what ruins that keyboard, do yourself a favor - get wired one.

    // edit: So I granded myself permission to tear it down and check battery - reads 0.0000V and I haven't even used it yet xD

    Sebastian Emanuelsson
    Its good

    But I wish there was a Scandinavian option

    Marcus C.
    Its decent

    It is quite the steal for the price given.

    Tushar Burman
    Decent board, poor keys, terrible software

    All plastic, but generally solid. Keycap legends are poor, and the font is weird. The software to customise the RGB lighting is ridiculous and unusable. I somehow figured out how to set it to a white backlight and left it there. I like the optical switches, and the board is a pleasure to type on. Definitely worth the price.

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